Weekly Spend Challenge W/C 28th July 2013

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Hello everyone. Welcome to the Weekly Spend Challenge. This challenge is open to anybody, no matter what financial place they are in.

On this thread please post an amount of money you wish to stay below within the week (Sunday to end of working day on Friday). This can be pennies or thousands it depends on the individual. Then next Saturday report back and pledge for the following week. The challenge runs from Sunday to Friday so we don't include Saturdays but feel free to change the rules to suit you and include Saturdays or start on a different day.

Feel free to update this thread with daily spends if that keeps you on track. We colour code the results as below:

Green - within budget
Red - over budget
Purple - zero spend
Orange - made money over the week

This is a little bit of fun but for many it highlights the fact that maybe that magazine/chocolate bar isn't needed. Hopefully your spending habits can be changed forever.

Moozie was the founder of this challenge and here is a quote taken from her:

Originally Posted by Moozie:
"Good afternoon lovely DFWs Now for anyone looking in, please feel free to join - the more the merrier! Basically, decide on the amount you want to spend up to from Sunday until the end of the working day on Friday then pledge it here and off we go! The challenge is about incidental spending and not for stuff that should be budgeted elsewhere such as bills, groceries, debt repayment etc but you decide what to include at the end - this is about changing your habits and improving your recording of your spends more than anything else. Have a great week everyone and keep it low!!! Moozie x"

Good Luck Everyone

W/C 21st July 2013 challengers / pledges / totals

EverTheOptimist - £35 / £27.78
Casperthefriendlyghost - £8 / £3.20

beanielou - £10
Jonesy88 -£5
Flyinggiraffe - £20 / £12.88
splodgethefirst - £0 / £0
stiltoncheese - £5
exharris - £30 / £27
DD265 - £5
32b3in2013 - £35.45 / RED
bunnylou - £10
FionaWeasley - £50 / £51.30
MissMelLady - £5 / £23

W/C 28th July 2013 challengers / pledges / totals

EverTheOptimist - £5
madhatter90 - £10
debt-freeoneday - £15
Exharris - £15
Flyinggiraffe - £20
MissE001 - £120
Casperthefriendlyghost - £8
Sketchingkari - £10
32b3in2013 - £50
splodgethefirst - £60
FionaWeasley - £60
MissMelLady - £5
Tinkermcjingles - £10
SPC 14 Target £200 /
Debt: £11850


  • EverTheOptimist
    EverTheOptimist Posts: 2,694 Forumite
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    Well I am setting a budget of £5 this week, to last until payday on tues/ weds. Then I will set a new budget for the rest of the week.


    Sun - NSD
    Mon - NSD
    Tues - meet friend for coffee - £5
    Weds - friend coming from Wrexham, may go for lunch - £15
    Thurs - hair appt (separate budget)
    Fri - nail appt (separate budget)
    Sat - NSD although Saturdays are never NSD. :D

    I do need to pop into town for an outfit for a posh do on sat lunchtime. Father in laws birthday. But will find the money from another account. Will try to resist any extra spending. Easier said than done of late. :D
    SPC 14 Target £200 /
    Debt: £11850
  • madhatter90
    madhatter90 Posts: 113 Forumite
    Right, I'm in for this challenge! Wasn't in last week so no total to report, but I'd like to make a budget of £10 this week, please!
  • debt-freeoneday
    This is the first time I've joined in this challenge! I'm going to set myself a budget of £15 between Sunday and Friday.
    Debt Free One Day
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    And blogging about it.

  • EverTheOptimist
    Welcome along madhatter90 and debt-freeoneday. :wave: Good luck with the challenge.

    You can come back and post as much or as little as works for you. I tend to post at least every other day to keep me focused. We also like to have a little gossip too. Then just pop back next fri/ sat and let us know how you have done. :D
    SPC 14 Target £200 /
    Debt: £11850
  • exharris
    exharris Posts: 61 Forumite
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    OK, here's my budget plan for the week

    Went to Aldi yesterday and spend £30 on food for the week so should be able to make my own lunches and take to work.

    Sun - A few diet cokes with a friend in the pub - max £5
    Mon - NSD
    Tue - NSD
    Wed - NSD
    Thu - NSD
    Friday - £5 sub for meeting

    I've an MOT on Wed, and a prescription charge, but these are budgetted for.

    So, in total I pledge £15 this week (to give a little leeway)

  • flyinggiraffe_2
    Good morning everyone,

    I'm going to pledge £20 again this week.

    The plan is:

    Monday: evening class
    Tuesday: pub £8 for 2 glasses of wine and a few lemonade s
    Wednesday: evening class
    Saturday: lunch with mother (my turn to buy so using a 2for 1 voucher)
  • MissE001
    MissE001 Posts: 797 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Thanls for the new thread ETO - I kind of fell off the wagon a bit this month but back on track now :money:

    £30 left till payday on Wednesday and then I'll really need to do a big shop. Also need to buy a 60th birthday pressie for next weekend but sharing the cost with my DSs

    I'm going to aim to spend no more than £120 from today until next Saturday including everything!! :A
    SPC Member #112 :A Save £2k in 2014 # 160 :money:
  • Casperthefriendlyghost
    Hi everyone!

    Was panicking as I couldn't get on here to post yesterday due to the forum downtime lol! :eek:

    Thanks ETO for starting us off again this week :D

    My spend this week was £3.20

    I'd like to pledge £8 again this week and am hoping to have a good week. I'm booking a holiday to France with my sister and need to save every penny I can as we've decided to book an apartment for a week instead of a hotel as it'll be easier to cook our own meals and have somewhere nice to relax.

    Hope everyone's having a great weekend.

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  • sketchingkari
    I would really like to join in if I may? With three kiddies home for school holidays, it's a very tight month. I will go for £10, which is just to cover any forgotten grocery items, if I can make it to the end of Friday without dipping into it, then I will be very happy :j

    NSDs planned for every day, fingers crossed
  • 32b3in2013
    32b3in2013 Posts: 2,440 Forumite
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    I have not got any idea of how much I spent last week,. Not too much, but more than I should have, so I will declare a red week. This week's budget should be £50. I can (usually!) stick to that nearly!!

    Thanks for the new thread ETO :D

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    SPC 14 #7 - £4173.30
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