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MSE News: Amazon scraps some free deliveries – but you can beat the charges

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"Amazon has scrapped its free 'super saver' delivery on certain items, but there are ways to avoid the new charge..."
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Amazon scraps some free deliveries – but you can beat the charges


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  • blueghostblueghost Forumite
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    probably a bug but you can order your non-qualified item with a cheap cd to qualify for free delivery and then quickly cancel the cd from the order. the order will remain as free delivery

    worked for me a few hrs ago.
  • OblivionOblivion Forumite
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    I have ordered several under-£10 items on the 19th July using the free delivery option (this is before Amazon announced the changes) and they are only just today, 5 days later, showing as dispatched.

    It seems to me that they are deliberately slowing down current dispatches to cajole customers into buying into Prime. Cynical or what?

    Well they can wave goodbye to my custom ... I'll shop elsewhere online and I hope many others will do the same.
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  • Nada666Nada666 Forumite
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    This is a silly idea. Or, rather, it is a pity that it is limited to those lines. Films, albums and books should also be included in the caveat. It's a funny old world when you can walk into a high street HMV and purchase a Blu-ray for less than it's available on Amazon.

    I understand the knee-jerk "waah! I don't want to pay postal charges" but think for more than a second and it is a silly reaction.
  • consumers_revengeconsumers_revenge Forumite
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    I personally think they've dropped a b.llock here.

    Means rather than going for Amazon automatically I would probably make a much wider search....
  • Dave_saveDave_save Forumite
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    I cancelled my account with Amazon sometime ago, as a protest against their tax avoidance systems. Last year its corporation tax bill was just £2.44m – less than the £2.5m it received from the Scottish Government in inducements to build a new distribution warehouse in Dunfermline. I drew a parallel here with Amazon's tax avoidance measures. They don't want to pay taxes, and I don't want to pay for postage and delivery.
  • artichiartichi Forumite
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    MSE Marcel: Reading your article on MSE news, I was slightly disappointed by the £3.99 HDMI cable example of delivery costing "up to £14.99". Next day evening delivery is simply not comparable to the Super Saver Delivery option that has been changed and not relevant when there is a first class option.

    This sort of sensational reporting should be left for the Daily Mail in my humble opinion, and it distracts from what was otherwise a very useful informative article.

    Interesting point on HMV pricing above. I've often thought it was only a matter of time that Amazon would show it's true colours. With out the picture (market place only) and other players like The Hut seemingly given up trying to compete, I've noticed the price of older catalogue stuff on Amazon creaping up in some cases to RRP.
  • kerri_gtkerri_gt Forumite
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    Simply means that amazon won't be my first stop shop and will lost my custom if they are too expensive when including p&p - not all my Xmas presents will be delivered in Amazon boxes this year then. Muppets.
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  • gjs1701gjs1701 Forumite
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    It was only a few years ago they had minimum order value for free postage.
  • FreebymanFreebyman Forumite
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    Quite simple, shop elsewhere. However I dont think they will be losing any sleep about losing all the small orders.
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    Marigold123Marigold123 Forumite
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    edited 25 July 2013 at 6:06AM
    A question. The article states, "Amazon says any order which includes a book, DVD, Blu-ray, music item or video game will get free delivery."

    Does this also apply to orders including items from Amazon Marketplace sellers? Until now they've always had their own scale of charges, and you can easily be charged two, three or more sets of delivery costs for the same order if you buy from different merchants. Has this now changed? If not, this article needs amending.

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