Where to get a new (used) sewing machine?

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In keeping with my reduce / recycle/ reuse / de-chemicalling the house, I am keen to get a sewing machine to re-hash some old clothes but struggling to find an affordable (sub £50) machine. I've tried ebay and all the ones that come up locally seem to be vintage ones or over budget. I got fed up with my yahoo account being hacked through freecycle (it was the only thing I used yahoo for) so don't want to go down that route. Where else might be good to look?
Or failing that, I've seen a mini sewing machine on the John Lewis website (http://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-mini-colour-block-sewing-machine/p352047?colour=Red) for £35 and that has good reviews so for a clothing novice would this be a good starting point. I'm not a total sewing novice though as did make all the curtains in our house using MIL's aged Frister Roshman (sp!) machine but that's conked out beyond repair now.
Thanks for your help!


  • Battleaxe44
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    What do you call vintage? Pre 2000 or pre 1990?

    I have a Toyata Sewing Machine sitting in my Conservatory, it is a basic machine, it certainly sews, I used it the other day when i cleaned it and am toing with idea of donating to some-one who wants to learn sewing.
  • always29
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    What do you call vintage? Pre 2000 or pre 1990?

    No, I mean like proper vintage, big carved cast iron wheel on side sitting on a pedal table vintage! Although I suppose some would call the 40+ yr old one of MIL's vintage and my mum (who is 55 and "a lot of months"!) still has the Singer one from her 21st birthday on the go from time to time, both of these though are electric so not that old!
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    Right, well the Toyota was bought new in 1992, it is not quite like the modern machines, but it is a goer. i notice you are down in Surrey, I am in Cambridgeshire and have a machine that needs a home if it is wanted.
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    One place to look might be charity shops.
    Saw an electric one in working order in a cabinet for £12 this morning! Suspect it won't be sitting in there for long.
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    How about looking on Freecycle?
  • -taff
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    ikea do a sub 50 sewing machine.
    Shampoo? No thanks, I'll have real poo...
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