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I've been a huge cross stitching fan since I was about 6 years old and have done hundreds of pieces (mostly used in birthday cards to close family). I have medical issues that mean my hands now shake, so I had to switch to doing cushion size chunky cross-stitch as fine work is beyond me now. I also crochet, using 6mm hooks on average, and normally these two are enough to keep me busy.

I got a couple of kittens and they are the light of my life, but they keep trying to eat all my wool! As soon as I pull out a project they dive on me and wont stop until it goes away.

Anyone got any suggestions for a new craft I could try that wont look like a giant toy to my baby kittens. I'll go back to wool work when they are a bit more grown up :p


  • Willowpop
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    Could you not make the cats a toy that they can play with whilst you crochet? It might distract them a bit..
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    RazWaz, believe me your kitties will still play with wool when they grow up. How do I know? I have three cats and they love the wool. What I have done to protect my yarn of any sort is to put it into a plastic bag, seal it and just have the yarn coming out of a hole, this does work most of the time, but the cat' have an inbuilt sensing system, they know when they hear the needles being picked up.

    I haven't found a craft that the cts don't think I need help with. I make quilts and they love the wadding I use, they try to knead it and love trying to catch the thread as I sew, this is fraught with danger, because I have visions of the cats getting a paw caught in the machine.

    When my son was little he was loved playing with the wool I was using, if I put him in his play pen while I knitted or crocheted, he would cry, so I would get into his play pen with my knitting and he was on the in the room, he never cried to get into the pay pen with me.. My husband would come home and laugh at the reversal of roles.. still this does not solve your kitten problem. I have found the plastic bag the best solution for me,,,,
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    this is no help to you but I just want to sympathise because I have the same problem - my cat Eric likes a bit of cross stitch too, even now at the age of 15 ! I've never found a remedy.


    Linda xx
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    ERICS_MUM wrote: »
    this is no help to you but I just want to sympathise because I have the same problem - my cat Eric likes a bit of cross stitch too, even now at the age of 15 ! I've never found a remedy.

    <a href="http://[URL=http://s329.photobucket.com/user/ERICSMUM/media/Ericdoingcrossstitch_zpsc586608b.jpg.html][IMG]http://i329.photobucket.com/albums/l378/ERICSMUM/Ericdoingcrossstitch_zpsc586608b.jpg[/IMG][/URL]&quot; target="_blank">Ericdoingcrossstitch_zpsc586608b.jpg

    Linda xx
    lol that's just made me chuckle.......im at work and everyones looking at me like ive gone mad:rotfl:
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    Eric looks like he could do a bit cross stitch for you Erics Mum. So cute..
  • bmma
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    when my cat was a kitten he used to take all the small balls out of the wool basket and put them under the dining room table, he still does this on occassions and he likes the knitting needles-not the sharp end-they just do not like to be ignored!
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    Think all cats are the same - i have found freebreeze helps.

    sweetcarer ;)

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