Any machine knitters here?

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I'm just getting back into it after a brief return last year and a longer gap from previous attempts. I have a Brother KH-860 with which I was trying to use a punchcard yesterday but it was making a hell of a racket. Turns out one side of the sinker plate was too tight against the gate pegs - all fixed now.

This is a machine I bought inexpensively from ebay and serviced myself. It isn't the first time I've completely stripped down a machine to give it a good going-over, as I did it with my first one (an 830).

Now I just have to cast on over all 200 needles as I have a shawl to knit for a friend's mum. I still haven't got the hang of doing the weaving cast-on so it's good old e-wrap.
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    I remember when I was little, begging my parents for this plastic knitting machine for Christmas that I saw a lady using at a craft fair. Apparently it was really hard to get hold of, but I did get one (perks of being an only child!) however, it was so complicated to put together, and then we couldn't figure out how to make it work. I can knit with needles, but I still often think about how quick it would be on a machine and I think you could probably be more creative as well? You have inspired me to get the plastic machine out of the attic and have another go:)
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    I have a brother kr 891 that I borrowed / stole from my mum that I'm slowly learning to use.
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  • I have a collection of knitting machines, standard gauge and chunky, some purchased new and others that have been rescued. My first encounter with a knitting machine was late 1950s when my aunt would let me knit the plain rows in between the hand-tooled lace transfer rows on her Knitmaster 4500 - I was 8 or 9 years old and was totally taken with the speed of this compared with the challenges of handknitting. (Pleased to say that my handknitting skills did improve!) Acquired my first machine late 1960s, a preloved Knitmaster 302 with push-button patterning, and still have this! Currently knitting on a Knitmaster 700 - I do enjoy using this machine. Whatever your level of knitting machine mastery, enjoy your knitting adventures.
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  • I had a Brother KHsomething and a chunky kinitter KH10? I loved them but sadly could not continue to use them as we moved to a smaller house and there was no room to set them up!! The most difficult thing to find these days, (I think) is a wool - winder that enables you to use any type of wool on your machine, its rather difficult to get the cones of wool now.
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    I used to have one but I sold it a few years ago it was a Japanese model can't remember which to be honest.. I say I will have another when I finally stop working for a living..
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  • I bought a few knitting machine in the 1980's and even went to night school to learn how to machine knit. Didn't get much chance to use when my sons were young, and the machines were put in the shed and went rusty! Still got loads of cones.

    A few years ago I bought a Chunky machine, it's a Silver Reed 12stitch. punchcard, in excellent condition. Can't remember the model number but it's like the Knitmaster 155. Not used it much. I really, really wanted a Brother 260, 24 stitch, but can't afford one.

    A few months ago, I bought a Brother 881 via a lady at a car boot sale. I've still not got around to replacing the foam that holds the needles down!

    Sadly the built in row counter is not working. It sounds like it is working but the numbers aren't clicking over. Trying to pluck up the courage to remove some screws to see if I can fix it.( I suppose I could leave it as is and use one of my spare row counters off the machines that went rusty and flick the seperate row counter by hand every few rows.)

    (I really should change my posting name to "Procastinate" as that's all I seem to do, with knitting and crafting!!!)
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