any cake makers out there?

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I've volunteered to make my younger brothers birthday cake as my mam and dad prefer home made...I'm fine at making a standard victoria sponge and icing cupcakes but never attempted a themed large cake. He asked for a Liverpool shirt. How do I go about making the shape and icing? Any tips or advice? Xx


  • Do you want a '3d' cake? If not you can do a standard round and get an icing transfer. Or get an icing transfer, cut out the shirt and use that to cut the shape of the shirt from the cake and place that on top. If you want to to look 'real' and 100% authentic you may have to google images of the shirt and cut/make each item from sugarpaste/icing etc. Depends what look you are after really.

    Is it your first home made decorated cake?
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    here's someone who knows how
    She uses a maderia cake but you can make any sponge cake in a rectangular tray .
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    Hi, i'm a cake maker.

    If you bake a square cake, then print off a template online (google - football shirt template). It's a fairly simple shape to cut out. Cut the shape and then fill with jam and buttercream. Cover the cake in buttercream then cover in sugarpaste/fondant (which you can buy in kilo packs from most supermarkets, Morrisons own brand icing is the cheapest at £2.15 a kilo)

    Good luck :) xx
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  • How do I do writing on a cake, instead of icing as if I was painting? Xx
  • Using gel colours and a fine paint brush works pretty well. Also edible pens work really well too. Another option is using fondant and letter cutters.
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  • I usually use a Madeira cake recipe in such circumstances. They keep better, are slightly less crumbly and taste pretty much the same as a Vicky sandwich.
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