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i have just been quoted £9.850.00 by fulcrum ( yes that is thousand) to have a gas supply installed in to my houses,( coming 40 meters from a mains) i dont have any gas only sytorage heater (2 of) anyway. i cant afford that so i want to have another 3 heaters installed, do i go for new storage heaters, or are they called something else ? what is Smart heat ? i live in manchester and work full time so i dont qualify for grants , do i phone powergen and ask them will they install? i am very confused all i bloody wanted was a house which i warm , please can someone help me cos i am loosing the will ?


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    the cost of gas is too expensive so i have been looking into installing electric heating. Iv come up with 2 different ones one filled with water and the other like a storage heater ( with bricks) but isnt asorage heater. has any one ever had or knows anyone who has replaced storage heaters with these modern looking radiator type ? thanks
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    Our storage heaters were around 15 years old, so last year we replaced them with modern ones. We're very pleased with these - Dimplex automatic storage heaters.

    We contacted an electrician to install them and he bought them through an electrical wholesaler. They are also on sale on the internet, a company called TLC direct (?) and others.

    Replacement work took a few hours, only needed to remove old heaters, assemble new ones and reconnect cable.

    If you do this, you'll probably notice a TERRIBLE smell for the first couple of days. This is actually nothing to worry about and is something to do with the storage bricks drying out if they are at all damp.
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