Credit card application, question confusion.


I was wondering if any of you lovely people can give me some much needed advice. I've had a look at what credit cards I am likely to get with the eligibility tracker, as I need a 0% one to pay off my 30.8% interest card!!! Fluid came back saying they should e able to give me a 16 month 0% card. But as I started filling out te online form I noticed that they have a box where you have to pick home owner, tenant or council property. Then the Mount of mortgage etc you pay. The problem I have is I'm not a home owner as such, my Husbands name is solely on the deeds of the house and he pays the mortgage, so what should I put down?? I really don't want to jeapordise my chances of getting the card as otherwise I'm going to end up paying £500 in interest by the time I can pay it off. Your help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks, missy


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