Real-life MMD: Should I ask to keep my tips?



  • Ashagill
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    I believe it should be entirely optional.

    Tips are only left, in this country if the customer wants to (it's not compulsory) so in a way you've earned that tip, from your work and service. If I receive poor service I do not tip, or do not tip well. Or if I use a restaurant voucher as I often do, (thanks MSE!) My partner and I are sure to tip to 10% of what the bill WOULD have been without the voucher.

    This is because we have both worked in the hospitality industry and know the amount of horrible work (and horrible customers!) that come with it. My partner too works in a pub at min wage and only recently have tips been organised, and pooled correctly. (It used to be done monthly, or quarterly, now it's daily) If he was forced to donate to charity, I'm sure it would raise eyebrows and staff would go back to pocketing their own tips.
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  • Remember, you may be paying up to £500 a year tax because tips is classed as another income! My partner was taxed and all the tips were put into a central pt and shared out between everyone including management! Until I kicked up a stink with there head office! Now, she keeps all her tips. Just be aware of the extra you may be paying in tax!
  • crank_girl
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    cheerful wrote: »

    There are only a few industries in which the culture of tips is maintained. Most low paid workers (supermarket checkout staff, street sweepers etc.) do not get tips because there is no tradition of doing so.

    Ah but tesco employees and council workers are more likely to have contracts, pensions, training, opportunities for job development/promotion. An altogether more favourable position than waiting on staff. If I leave a tip it is for good service but also recognition of the fact they do a job well for little in return. I'll stop doing so when the minimum wage equals the living wage.
  • tallgirld
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    I think who ever gets the tip should keep the tip.

    Yes you should say something if you do not agree with it.

    Just be aware that it will probably work against you if you are in the minority. Wouldn't surprise me if other staff also disagree with the policy but are too afraid to say anything!
  • florere
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    Always disliked the tipping system, it's so difficult to know what to do, I think people should get paid a decent wage for the job, and the customers should pay a bit more. One thing you must do is check with the inland revenue that you are not being taxed on these tips that you are not getting. I think it is wrong for the landlord to take your tips for charity, unless you knew before you started what the playing field was like and unless the customers are informed about where the money goes. I only tip when I get exceptional service, and I want the person who gave the exceptional service to get the money.
  • fizzking
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    I think we have missed the point on this one; myself included.
    Let's make some cautious assumptions.
    Assume 10 tables and average tips of £5 per day, 6 days per week.
    Total of £300 per week or £15000 per annum.
    How many diners would it take to eat this amount for free!
    It looks like a nice little earner!
  • ska_lover
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    I have never heard of such a thing.

    It seems to me that your company want to have a good reputation for giving to charity, but don't actually want to do it themselves, they have come up with this cheapskate way of doing it - off of your back!! I bet when they hand over the money to the charity they do not say where it is from, rather that it is from 'us, as a company'

    Makes my blood boil. Giving to charity should not be compulsary. many of us cannot afford it
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  • winston_1
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    PegasusPJ wrote: »
    well, I agree that it's strange, but then as in this country tips are 'compulsory',

    What country are you in? In the UK tips are not compulsory. Customary perhaps but definitely not compulsory. Nor do you have to pay service charge if it is added to the bill. Just tell them you don't want to pay it and they will rebill you.
  • bionda
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    Has anyone heard of people paying tax on tips? There are income.
    They are received for service and therefore are part of someone's income. Just think tax on 10% of all restaurants takings.

    I personally agree with others that when I eat in a restaurant, the person taking my order and bringing my food, is paid to do, just that.
    Tipping is perverse, though I admit to giving a fiver or a tenner to the postman and the rubbish collectors at Christmas, which is I suppose essentially for service, but it is also because they do a good job, and a little something at Christmas, well I like showing my appreciation. It is obvious that it is not something they expect.

    Now then. Compare this to paying 5£-10£ tip for someone who is paid to take my order, bring food, my bill and process the payment. Over say a period of an hour and a half, during which they are also receiving like amount from a number of other customers, lets say ten. Two sitting per night, so lets say x 20. Not bad eh? X 6 for the week. = More than many people earn.

    Just to give you a clue, someone I know who worked in a top restaurant 15 years ago, received 30,000 (yes thirty thousand) a year in tips.

    Hmm think about it.
  • davywz
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    I worked for some time in the restaurant trade and know from first hand experience how poor the wages can be. In this situation I would like to see several things in place:
    Firstly that a realistic living wage is being paid then that the scheme is voluntary; any money collected is matched by the employer and that the customers are fully aware of what is going on. And importantly that donations of tips are discreetly made, no-one should be pressurised into donating because other staff know who has/hasn't donated.
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