MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Handy Andy ask Carol and Laurence for more money?

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    Five weeks at mates rates. WOW, where do I find him? Seriously, I am a believer in never mixing business with pleasure. I would only ever pay the going rate for the job, and we all know that there are no friends in business. So many times people fall out over doing favours for someone and ending up being (or feeling) exploited.
    If they really are Andy's mates, they should pay up - at least the going rate, if their 'friendship' is genuine.
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    What if there was a big fall in property prices during this time? Would he be expected to work for a loss? No. So why should he be expecting to be paid more just because the couple happen to be selling right now? Chances are that the work he's done will mean that the house in its improved state will always be worth more than it would have been unimproved, so what's the difference if they sell now or in 30 years? As long as the couple didn't make out they were staying when the agreed the rate, all the while knowing the planned to sell up straight away...
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  • Andy should'nt have to ask, he was doing mate's rate's as a favour to help them out to get a home to live in, if profit's were mentioned in the first place he may have upped his rate's. They need to think if they will need his help again, any decent friend would bung him a bonus once the deal is done. Perhaps they already have this in mind, but you never know, money to money and all that, they probably won't give him a second thought. Everybody has gotta make a living and Changing Rooms has seen it's day Andy Handy must be hard up now!!!!:eek:
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