MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Handy Andy ask Carol and Laurence for more money?

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  • We had exactly this situation with 'close'friends.Sadly the friends are not now quite so close and my husband is loathe to do any more work for them because he feels used.Although the friends made it sound as though the decision to sell had been made at a later date they made no attempt to compensate him for the hard work and an awful lot of free advice given in the spirit of friendship.It does not pay to be greedy,especially if you value your friendship!!Handy Andy should not have to ask, money should be offered.
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    As friends he shouldn't need to ask but if they don't see it for themselves then he should at least brooch the subject with them.
  • bigdave wrote: »
    What is all this claptrap about contracts - these are meant to be friends. They should cough up and show what friendship really means

    So when was friendship about money???

    He agreed to do something for his friends and presumably was happy with the payment. If they now sell the property for big money then that is their good fortune and maybe, being good friends, would want to share that with Andy!
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    I think the point is

    the couple brought the house as a family home.

    I can do quite a bit DIY, plastering (except ceilings), building, bricklaying, fitting new kitchens, electrics etc. So most house renovations are no issue. Friends often ask me to help out at home and im more than happy for a cup of tea and a nice meal.

    Now thats friends on their own homes who need a new lock on their door or something or the guttering is broken and need it fixing etc etc. If someone came to me said brought a new house, needs fixing up before we can move in wife, kids or just wife etc. Then id be like sure, cant have the lady washing her face in a bucket, ill help.

    If after doing the work they turned round and said we are selling up, then thats a comercial venture. Change of plans, change of rates. If a friend came to me said i want to do up a house but dont know how to do the work can you help out. It be a different rate.

    Family home is for mates use, selling for a profit is a business and therefore profits or wages should be paid properly. They cant make profit of my hard work its just not fair.

    OK so they didnt know before they started, well hello!!! neither did I. If i had known before they started they were going to sell up id charge. So things change price change. People going on about contracts and agreements, well if the environment in which you made that contact changes then "change control" should be enforced. You have to re-nogotiate.

    Either im too hard or everyone is too soft. The agreement was "helping out to fix up a family home" not helping out to do up a investment property. They are different propositions all together.
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    Ask for the money but be prepared to damage your friendship. A friend of ours was unemployed and offered to help with building on our house at his stipulated rate, stayed with us for 2 months and we had a great time, got lots done and enjoyed ourselves. Two weeks after we finished he had a heart attack and sadly it was fatal. His wife promptly told us that the last thing he should have been doing was physical work. I just don't want to see her any more, it has ruined the relationship we had with her and her kids. I know this is pretty extreme, but weigh up what your friendship means to you first.

    I'm sorry to hear that. But it doesn't sound like you pressured him into working for you if he offered the help. And as harsh as this sounds, his wife wasn't really in a position to assign blame to you if she herself had 2 months to talk him out of doing the work herself.

    She was probably just very upset and needed someting to lash out at. Shame its ruined your relationship with her.
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    lizzie2911 wrote: »
    Also once Carol and Laurence have made their money they would be wise to offer Andy a bonus who knows when they might need his services again. Someone like Andy is worth his weight in gold both as a friend and as an handyman.

    I agree, I don't think he should ask - a deal is a deal, but they should think on!

    Whenever I've had a pal do some work for me on "mates rates" they ALWAYS get some kind of bonus. It might not be money but could be a bottle of something or a returned favour (I make cards, wedding stationery and jewellery) - obviously a much smaller sum of money that we're talking about here. Good tradesmen are hard to come by and expensive - it's worth them thinking about that and offering an extra - if he was to refuse to help next time it could cost them a lot more money. Good, true, friends are even harder to come by.

    Although I also feel friends should be able to be honest with each other - if he feels they've pulled a fast one on him he should say so - as not saying could be just as damaging to their friendship - if he then withdraws from their relationship because he's annoyed. it's up to them then how they deal with their friends hurt feelings.

    But there is also the possibility that the job move is not a postive one and they need the cash. In that case I would not ask my friend for anything.

  • I think the guy should be payed a lump sum out of the sale of the property, but knowing the truth of most people he probably won't be offered a thing. I have a simmilar kind of story, I was in the vehicle repair business and a customer used to say that the vehicle to be repaired was for his missus so could I do a special deal as he wasn't repairing it to sell at a profit, subsequently 3 weeks or so later it would be sold at a good profit with an excuse that his missus did'nt like the car. He tried this on so many times I refused to repair his cars anymore.
  • It really depends on if they know it is mates rates at the moment, if he made it clear then he should get more. It is up to them to offer it, if they don't he should maybe offer some subtle hints that he deserves the money but I don't think he should demand it, they might egt offended and not give it to him.

    If one of my mates bought a house I would be happy to help out with decorating etc for free (well maybe a pint or two), but if they bought the house make moeny I would not do it unless they paid me as would most people, a friend would realise that the situation has changed and they should offer him or ask him what he would have normally charged (non mates rate)
  • If Carol & Laurence are real friends, Andy shouldn't have to ask, they will offer. But Money isn't everything. Perhaps Andy will need them to do something for him in the future - so he could then call in a favour!! :kiss: :grouphug:
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    My DH is a plumber and helped out a friend of his fathers last year when his kitchen had sprung a leak under the floorbpoards behind a cupboard. The original plumber was going to charge £40 per hour and said more work needed to be done than necessary. My husband charged £15 per hour and sorted the problem in a day. This involved travelling to the property which was a £50 mile round trip. 12 months on and my husband has only just been paid (minus the insurance excess - you work it out) It was an insurance claim but the excess was higher than the "friend imagined" meaning my husband dipped out. Why it was my husbands responsibility to pay the excess god alone knows. To compact things further the friend is absolutely loaded - £7500 k hot tob in garden, several homes here and abroad etc. He has had two foreign holidays in the 12 months my husband has been waiting to be paid his couple of hundred quid. The upshot is that the next time the friend needs a plumber he can pay someone else upfront and then and get ripped off in the process.. My husband will not be helping him out again.
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