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MSE News: Letting agency fees 'truly out of control'



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    molerat wrote: »
    MSE Helen, please amend your title to add "English". Scotland has already got this under control. About time England followed that model.

    From Shelter Scotland

    And what an 'own goal' that has been for Shelter in Scotland.

    Rents have soared since the no letting fees rule started being enforced.

    Up 10%+ a year round my way the last 2 years in a row.

    Happy days for landlords..... Now tenants are paying an extra grand a year in rent instead of just a few hundred quid in letting fees.

    Either way, the tenant pays.

    But if the landlord has to front the cost, the tenant will pay more in the long run, and that's exactly what we've seen up here.
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  • jjlandlord
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    Either way, the tenant pays.

    Well yes, it's a business, isn't it?
  • brenda10
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    I added mine up the other day - £550 for "nothing" just to move in, £900 deposit .... and then they wanted £125 every 6 months for another AST (although I insisted on going straight to a periodic tenancy)... and then there'll be a £75 checking out fee when I leave!!

    £75 = for many lower paid people, this is probably an entire month's disposable income, just for nothing and going into some slick-suited kn0b's pocket.

    Yes I agree with you PasturesNew, rip off merchants.
  • Browser123
    I have a pet (cat). Because of this I have paid a higher deposit and agreed to carpet cleaning and flea treatment at the end of the tenancy. I accept this.
    However, in my lease it states that the letting agent will keep £300 for 2 months after the end of my lease in case there is a flea infestation after I have left.
    I have my concerns about this but signed the lease- can I dispute this?
    My concerns are that after I leave I have no control over what happens in the house. Any fleas that turn up after 2 months may be nothing to do with me or my cat. Someone could have a flock of sheep walking through there and I'd have to bear the cost.
    What do you think - do I have any right to ask for the return of my whole deposit (less agreed deductions) at the end of the tenancy?
  • anselld
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    Browser123 wrote: »
    I have a pet (cat)...

    Suggest you start a new thread.
  • JanetMH
    My daughter had to pay £40 when her six month contract finished, just to move on to a rolling tenancy. She has now moved due to work and was charged £60 just to terminate her contract.
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