Balance transfer from empty card?

Just looking at Tesco's new offer. It got me thinking though for some of my other cards... can you balance transfer from a card that's empty? i.e. to put the original card into a negative balance and then get the original card company to give you that money back (a bit like overpaying).


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    With most cards it is against the terms & conditions to put the account in to a positive balance.

    Some might allow you to do this once, but they may well close your account down as a result of such a transaction.
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  • Ah ok. I assumed it was probably a no no but was worth double checking!

    Thanks for replying. :)
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    I have done this "accidently" a couple of times and nothing has been said, I've then just used the credit balance as spending. The last time was to my M&S cc. I haven't overpaid by more than £100 though.
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