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What is 'being MSE'

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    shays_mumshays_mum Forumite
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    Being mse is off setting the savings (obv gained from here & my fellow mse posters) against lifes indulgences i.e takeaways once a week lol!.

    Also learning to haggle/research & inturn help other people when they are struggling esp now with the recession.

    It gives me great pleasure to introduce newbies to this site & help them hopefully turn their lives around. In mu house its quite common for me to say "well on Martin's site they said this that & the other"! lol :).

    For me, this site has seriously been a life changer from being a pregnant mum over a decade ago, learning to change my personal (ignorant!) attitudes to money, life etc & now (hopefully!) installing this in my kids & family so they can start on the right footing :)
    No one said it was gonna be easy!
  • Ken68Ken68 Forumite
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    I "saw the money", so would never go back to wasting.
    Just a change of ways is all it takes for most savings.
    Take fish and chips as an analogy, if my labour is cheaper than the fish shop, a saving by cooking at home BUT maybe an even greater saving by eating something more nutritious for the money.
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