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Travel to Dubai - Passport advice

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skiddy2kskiddy2k Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Overseas Holidays & Travel Planning
Hey folks,
just needed some quick advice.

im planning to travel to Dubai next week, possibly on tuesday the 29th May 2007 for 5 nights.

However, my passport runs out in the beginning of July.

I understand that if anything happends on holiday, and i have to stay longer, the 3 weeks gap i have may not be enough.

Are their any specific requirements on the minimum amount of time your passport must be valid, before you travel?

will i be okay to go next week though my passport expires in July of this year?
Any advice on where i can find out this information?

Thanks in advance!



  • dixie_dean_2dixie_dean_2 Forumite
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    For most countries, including the UAE you need 6 months validity.

    Other Requirements:
    Applicants will be granted a free of charge visit visa on arrival in the UAE:

    Passports (which must be valid 6 months) will be stamped with the visit visa as traveller passes through Immigration at any airport in the UAE.

    Although the visa may be stamped for 30 days, it may be extended on request for up to 90 days for a small, variable fee.

    UK Nationals travelling on Emergency Passports (issued for 1 year total validity) are advised that these may not be accepted for entry into UAE.

    Travellers are also advised that they should hold:
    - Confirmed onward/ return tickets
    - Proof of sufficient funds
    And if, you know, your history...
  • WillieLWillieL Forumite
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    I managed to get my passport renewed through normal post inside 2 weeks, I think you will need to make an appointment for a fast track passport which will cost you extra, get on the phone today!!!!!!!! I doubt you will be able to renew it by Tuesday!
  • skiddy2kskiddy2k Forumite
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    Thanks for the responses,

    looks like im well out!
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