what's the difference between a door and a door leaf?

trying to compare prices at wickes.com for a front door and for some 'doors' it says 'door leaf only' though this seems to be similar pricewise to those just described as doors. can anyone explain?


  • Technically a door has hinges on and opens and a "Leaf" is a door without hinges.So a leaf can have hinges fitted and so becomes a door or it can be just fixed into a frame without hinges ie side-lights,fixed lights. I haven't got a clue in what context Wickes are using the term "leaf" but given their lack of technical knowledge it could mean anything.

    Hope this helps......
  • Door leafs are just the wood thing that goes in the framed hole. This is as opposed to door sets which are fully assembled units at the factory. They contain the door (leaf), frame, handles, hinge and architrave.
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