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  • farfel
    farfel Forumite Posts: 9 Forumite
    I just wanted to point out that Open Culture has some other free educational podcasts, which are pretty valuable.

    Here is the full podcast library:

    You may want to pay particular attention to the free audiobooks:

    and the university podcasts, which include many free courses via podcast.

  • sixpack434
    sixpack434 Forumite Posts: 7 Forumite
    there's a really good new one for learning arabic :j
  • brix_2
    brix_2 Forumite Posts: 110 Forumite
    Tetsuko wrote: »
    Does anyone know which is the most widely used language, Mandarin or Cantonese?

    as far as i'm aware, it's mandarin.

    cantonese is used in the hong kong area, whereas mandarin is spoken throughout china.
  • farfel
    farfel Forumite Posts: 9 Forumite
    in case you don't know how to uses podcasts, there is a podcast primer on the site
  • stogiebear
    stogiebear Forumite Posts: 95 Forumite
    The Thai website now ask for a small donation to access most of the lessons.

    I paid the $5 and am now waiting for the link to the lessons...

    Will let you know if it ever arrives.

    Sure is quick to pay for something as apposed to getting what it is you pay for!

    UPDATE! The links arrived just fine after about an hour! Not bad for a couple of quid!
  • Prudent
    Prudent Forumite Posts: 11,393
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    I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to this thread. I am just learning to use an mp3 player (:rotfl: ) after winning one through the mse comps board. I am having to do a lot of walking just now to help and injury and having all this to listen to will be fab.
  • beever85
    beever85 Forumite Posts: 9 Forumite
    Thanks a lot for all you guys.

    The comments and additional info is really useful for a person who wants to learn foreign languages. I have downloaded most of the lessons and passed on to my friend who is doing a PhD in foreign languages.

    Thanks for all again.
  • rmg1
    rmg1 Forumite Posts: 3,111
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    OK -unfortunately I'm still struggling.
    Can someone please give me an idiots guide to downloading the MP3 files for Spanish? :o
    I'd need the really, really beginners guide to start with and can the progress from there.
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  • budgetflyer
    budgetflyer Forumite Posts: 5,949 Forumite
    rmg1 wrote: »
    OK -unfortunately I'm still struggling.
    Can someone please give me an idiots guide to downloading the MP3 files for Spanish? :o
    I'd need the really, really beginners guide to start with and can the progress from there.

    Ok try this one. Go to

    (one of the sites mentioned)

    You need to scroll to the bottom and work up for the first lessons

    What I would do, is create a folder on your desktop.right click, choose create new folder and then name it "Spanish lessons" or something similar.

    When at the site, the lessons you will see- download mp3- right click the link and choose "save as" and save the audio files to your PC in the chosen folder.

    If you left click, it may open and play in your browser ,this can take a while dependant on your internet speed, so IMO its better to right click and save

    Once saved on your PC, you can copy and paste from your folder to mp3 player via "windows explorer" or play it on your PC or burn them to CD.

    I have a cassette adapter thingy, that I plug into the mp3 player earphone socket. The other end goes into the car cassette player so I can learn as I drive. You get them out of Maplin and places like that for between £5 and £10
  • Zinger549
    Zinger549 Forumite Posts: 1,262
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    rgreer wrote: »
    The site mentioned looks great but unfortunately for me doesn't reference any podcasts for learning Polish. Does anyone know of any decent ones? (a quick google didn't seem to turn up anything of significance).

    Cheers RG

    Found some here

    EDIT you have to pay to get the audio
    Come on you Irons
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