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  • debbymcc
    debbymcc Posts: 20 Forumite
    lol thats amazing! I have complained, to them and to Financial Service Ombudsman. We will see. Thanks again
  • debbymcc
    debbymcc Posts: 20 Forumite
    Thanks Factory
    I dont think payday loan companies are anyone 1st choice for borrowing I borrowed £1000 for 12 months and have paid 2022.03.
    Im no mathamatician but am aware that this is extortionate 350% APR However i went into it knowing this and have not defaulted at all. If she had said it was coming out of my current account I would said no, or maybe agreed some other affordable amount.
  • _Andy_
    _Andy_ Posts: 11,150 Forumite
    "lol thats amazing! I have complained, to them and to Financial Service Ombudsman. We will see. Thanks again"

    FSO won't look at it until you've exhausted the lender's complaint process
  • debbymcc
    debbymcc Posts: 20 Forumite
    Hi Andy
    Thanks, yes I read that on their website so copied complaint to both.
  • _Andy_
    _Andy_ Posts: 11,150 Forumite
    Best of luck with it, their customer service seems to be awful
  • Moneysaverchris
    I don't really see what they have done wrong- a little naughty on repayment though, however you cannot pay a loan with a credit card, or at least shouldn't, Stay away from payday loans and 12 month loans like this! Interest is incredible.
  • ihateyes
    ihateyes Posts: 1,326 Forumite
    Whats baffles me is OP claims this ruined her life... and they tried to get her to take new loan.

    As i see it OP stated, Deborah : i would have made aninformed decision to not pay it off early

    In essence OP you would not have paid it off.

    Now as P2P dont charge you to take loan, im at loss why its ruined your life.
    Promo codes are never always cheaper..... isnt that right EuropCar?
  • guesswho2000
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    Since you were going to pay the loan using a credit card, can't you just use the CC to pay for whatever you would have used the cash for? Worst case scenario, draw out cash on the CC, surely that'll be cheaper than a PDL anyway?
  • ch3101
    ch3101 Posts: 296 Forumite
    If she shouldn't have taken the payment you have a case with them.

    They CAN put it back as long as they've done something wrong, which they clearly have. It may take a couple of days but they will. And also, and bank charges or bad things that show on your credit file as a result of them taking that payment should be refunded by P2P.

    Phone them again and talk to a manager, they'll be able to do it.

    payday/12 month loan comoanies are so scummy it's unbelievable
  • RuthnJasper
    RuthnJasper Posts: 4,032 Forumite
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    Not exactly MSE-friendly, but why can you not withdraw cash on the CC and pay it into your bank account to tide you over this month, since this seems to be what you were looking to achieve in the first place?
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