pom pom or drumstick primulas

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I have been watching a garden filled with these primulas, blossom over the past weeks, and would love to know how best to grow and propagate them.
Naturally, I would like a zillion plants to materialise over the next year, but short of re-mortgaging the family estate (for estate, read back-garden) I think I need a bit of expert advice!
Can I grow them from seed? Or do I invest in a handful of plants and then divide later in the year?
I don't mind making a small investment, but not a lot!!
These delightful plants are such a joy to see, after a rubbish winter!!!


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    Drumstick Primulas (Primula denticulata) are easily grown from seed.
    I've had them growing in the same tub for more years than I care to remember. They appear to be tough as old boots, as I don't do anything for them apart from a sprinkle of bonemeal in Spring and water when I remember. :o
    I believe you can divide clumps and also take root cuttings to increase stock.
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    Primula seeds grow best if sown fresh, so I think you should get chatting to the garden owner!
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    I found them a difficult plant to grow from seed, they have the finest seeds I have ever seen and the only way I could sow them was with a hypodermic syringe and needle filled with water.
    Dip the wet tip of the needle on a seed and then squeeze out a drop of water to drop the seed. You will understand if you see a packet of 100 seeds is almost none existent

    I managed 25 from 75 of an alleged 100 seeds planted last sept.
    They were quick to germinate but very slow even when indoors over winter. They are now in the unheated cons and are about big enough to pot on.
    I've just sown a second batch, again 30% less seed than stated, with the hope that an early sowing will give better results.

    Agree, they are a great plant in many colours and have more impact than most of the family:T:T:T
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