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I've seen mentioned on here weed killer you can buy from ebay at a reasonable price - much cheaper than B&Q or homebase.

Can anyone remind me what its called?

I need to do a large area.


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    Yes, Rosate 36. As recommended by clyclonebri1, the Yorkshire Dyson fan.

    It is glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp, a systemic weedkiller which needs to be in contact with leaves to act. At the risk of stating the obvious, spray (don't water) on a windless day. According to the instruction it take 4 to 6 weeks to work, and I think that is correct. After 2 weeks my back lawn is nearly dead, but my front and side lawns are dying. It looks like the more sun, the faster it acts.

    I used a Hozelock 5L sprayer to kill ~250 square metres of lawn. I seem to have avoided killing wanted plant and shrubs.
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    this is a link to one selling on ebay ( I am not endorsing the product or seller and they are nothing to do with me)

    I use glysophate and it takes up to 6weeks to do its work. Spray on a nice day so the rain doesn’t wash it off and then just wait. simplz
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