plants instead of cement between paving stones?

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My patio is needing repointed. Too enthusiastic with the pressure washer over the years - the garden is quite shaded over the winter so really darkens down with algae.

I wondered if it would be possible to plant something like chamomile or thyme instead of putting cement down? It might only be for the summer - I don't think anything I put in would withstand future pressure washing.

Crazy idea? should I just go get the sand and cement?


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    Yes, you can do that. I have a book on herbs which makes exactly that suggestion, just plant seedlings in the gaps. However, it would be a pain to plant every year given your pressure washer habit. Is there not a way to kill algae other than a pressure washer? Iron sulphate kills moss, and I think it kills algae, but it stains concrete, an orange/red colour, and your paving stones may be concrete. It does not poison plants, and in fact it is a fertiliser if not too strong. I suspect it would also stain mortar, as I assume it reacts with cement. That said, I spilled some iron sulphate solution and powder on my concrete path and it did not stain. Maybe the concentration must he high, or maybe my paths have some sort of surface coat due to outside exposure?
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    Plants are certainly possible, but I am not sure thyme and camomile would like shady and damp... corsican mint might be happier.
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