Default date on credit file wrong

Hi there.
This is my first post and a little advice is needed.
In 2005 I had a Barclays loan which I got into financial difficulty with. I have since repaid the loan in full and recently got a copy of my creditfile from Experian.

I noticed that a default has been registered in 2011 even though I have a letter from them dated in 2005 saying that my account was in default. I feel that this information is wrong as I cannot see why I would have been defaulted in 2011. I checked my bank statements for the whole of 2011 to see if I had somehow missed a payment and I had not. An agreement was set up with Barclays to repay the debt at a reduced rate which I did.

I am aware that you cannot be defaulted twice on one debt so I need to write a letter to the Data Controller or Barclays Customer services.
Is there a letter template or could someone give me guidance as to what I should be writing to them?

Thanks in advance :-)


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