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BT Light User Scheme

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  • The LUS line rental is £34.50/quarter - the same as BT Together Option 1.

    Of course, you do get the discounts here if you don't use the line..

    Thanks for the info Sunil. I realise you don't get Friends and Family discount either and if you go over the threshold no rebate is paid at all.
    I think you've misunderstood what's meant by 'prefix' in my earlier post. The examples you mention are part of the phone number. The ones I'm referring to are added to the start of a phone number in order to route the call over another operator's network. 18866 is an example that gets discussed here rather a lot. There's less need for this sort of thing now with Carrier Pre-Selection.
    I was thinking about those services which are accessible with 08 NGNs. All operators with 'short' prefixes (beginning 1) should be blocked by BT for people on LUS.
  • BT also use software which determines whether any calls are being made to 0800 type numbers which circumvent the Low User Scheme. (e.g. AOL type ISPs that use 0800 or 0808 access numbers, 0800 access numbers to 18866 type services etc.)

    When a Low User is detected trying to ring one of these numbers the call gets barred and cannot be completed.
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