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I have two different email addresses @hotmail.com and both are 'linked', so I can (used to be able to) switch between both accounts with ease.

One of my hotmail accounts changed to outlook, whilst the other one is still hotmail. When I use my android phone to switch between the accounts, there doesn't seem to be an option to do so, yet I can do on my laptop (firefox).

I don't particularly want to change the other hotmail account to outlook, but it seems it's likely to happen anyway, but will this solve the switching problems on my phone?

Thanks in advance,

Joe :)

PS I've done a search and couldn't find any specific info relating to my issue, but found lots of people who don't like outlook, and i'm inclined to agree with them!


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    I presume you mean that one of the hotmail accounts changed to outlook.com?

    It may be possible. It depends how your Hotmail account is setup.

    If it is set up in the Hotmail App, you can add the Outlook.com e-mail account to the app (here). This would mean that you can check them both from within the same app so be able to switch between them.

    If your hotmail account is setup in the built in mail program on Android then I don't think it is possible yet. This is because you access the hotmail using the built-in mail client (here) but you would need to access the Outlook.com e-mail using either the Hotmail or Outlook.com App (here).

    Since you are using different programs (Apps) on the phone to access the two e-mail, you need to switch programs, not just e-mail accounts within the same program, to check them both.

    Hope that makes sense.

    I would Add I don't use Hotmail or Outlook.com so this is all only from Googling (and over 20 years in IT to interpret the results) - I could be completely wrong!
  • Thanks for the reply!

    I should have said that i'm not using an app as such on my phone - just the browser that came with the handset. I just have my email/website saved as a 'favourite' and then used to be able to switch between the two easily!

    So from what you're saying, should I download the hotmail app or the outlook app?

    I wasn't impressed with the standard email app that came with the phone, so have just been accessing my emails through the browser, which was great!
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    From what I read, the Hotmail app should be able to handle both and allow you to easily switch between them. Read the earlier links for details. Not sure if the Outlook.com app will (I would have thought it would but don't know for sure) so you might just have to try it.

    The reason you can't switch going through the browser is the same as I said above but in this case you are using two websites instead of two app's whereas previously it was all on the one website and you could just switch between accounts.

    Might take a bit of trial and error to find something you are happy with.

    Might also be worth searching on the Google Play store for e-mail clients that can access both Hotmail and Outlook. Might be a good app on there that will be better than the built in one. One advantage of an app over the browser is that an App should download a copy of your e-mails so if you are in an area without a signal and you need an e-mail you still have access to it where as with a web page you would need an Interweb signal to get online to get to the e-mails.
  • Thank you!

    I've downloaded and installed the Hotmail app and so far it seems to be working as I want it to...:beer:

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