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Some of you may be aware of an ongoing issue with Yahoo email accounts that have been hacked.
There is some discussion over on the Techie forum, but as I hadn't seen anything here, I thought I would post some info. I emailed a few friends about this earlier today, so I have just cut and pasted from the email.


Over the last 2 months I have come across a fair amount of people who have had their email accounts hacked and not explicitly yahoo, it would appear. My sisters account was hacked a few weeks ago and after a bit of research I discovered that according to her yahoo login stats, someone was logging in to her account from Thailand and India.

Basically, once in to the account, they are sending out batches of spam to the entire address book. You might only be aware of this if some of the sent emails fail to be delivered and you get a failure message. Further checking of the "sent folder" will confirm how many have been sent from the compromised account.
The emails usually contain a single HTML link. I suspect clicking on the link may lead to your account being compromised, but I haven't done it myself, so cannot be sure. However, the single link should be enough to raise suspicions.

If you have an old account that is seldom used, it might be worth checking the account and changing the password.

You can read more on the subject at the following links; ( or do your own google search )

The last link is the most recent and should be the one to read if you only have time to read one.

If you have a yahoo account you can check your recent logins by logging into Yahoo, going to "Account info" and clicking on " View your recent sign-in activity". Make sure you go back in the login history as far as you can. If you see any logins from countries that you have never been to, I guess its fairly certain, you have been hacked!


Hope thats of some use to some people. As I mentioned, I am aware of at least one person with a btinternet account having the same problem, but don't have any details.
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