Credit card payment date help pls?

Hi, Just wondered if someone could help me please. When I log into my Barclaycard credit card online it says payment is due in 5 days (which is Monday), yet my statement says 'Payment due by 19th' (Tuesday), so if I paid it first thing Tuesday morning by faster payments from my bank account would it still be in time (my statement is normally generated on 20th/21st).

I don't have enough to pay it until Tuesday (minimum payment is £191) so wondered if I would be OK as I have 6.9% life of balance and don't want to lose this.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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  • bengalknights
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    Most likely not as they usually state day to allocate etc
  • YorkshireBoy
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    They say (in their website FAQ) that you can pay from a Barclays current account up until 22:30 and have it credited the same day.

    They go on to say that you need to contact your own bank to find out their payment timescales. So if your own bank can send it before their cut-off time (I'm assuming you'll have the funds available first thing Tuesday?) you should be OK. However, unless you've paid this way before from your own bank (and especially if it's Santander) you should send a £1 payment now, since first time payments to new payees can sometimes be delayed 24 hours for additional security checks.
  • too_much_debt
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    Thanks. I bank with Lloyds and they do faster payments which normally go into the account after 2 hours.
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  • chattychappy
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    FP is the best way. But for anyone else following this thread, I usually pay by Nationwide Debit Card on the Barclaycard website and most times it has gone through the same day.
  • sistafromanothermista
    My advice would be that sailing so close to the wind in terms of date to pay the payment is asking for trouble.
    What if your internet connection went down and you couldn't pay it? or something else occured?
    I would always set up a DD to ensure that the payment is taken on time. Just in case.
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  • Gizmo247
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    Don't the payments go to a general clearing account and it is the reference that is then processed to allow the funds to be moved on into your credit card account. I believe this process is human-based so there will inevitably be some delay there. Even if it is in some way automated, it will still be batch-based.
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  • yangptangkipperbang
    What you must remember is that when you make a payment to your Barclay card, it doesn't go straight to your card account. It goes to a holding account in Barclays, who then pass it on to your card account.
    Although this "internal" delay has reduced considerably it CAN take up to 4 days to move around within the organisation you have paid.
    I would pay 5 days in advance for a few months and see what the actual delay time is, then pay to suit that known delay.
  • chattychappy
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    I would always set up a DD to ensure that the payment is taken on time. Just in case.

    Nah disagree. The OP is paying interest (even if only 6.9% APR). So best to pay as soon as funds become available rather than having them hanging around until DD day. Problem with DD is that if the OP doesn't have cleared funds in time then he/she will have charges both ends. At least without DD there will "only" be late payment fees.

    In my experience of Barclaycard, FP from my current account goes through immediately, debit card on their site usually does. (I'm guessing the times it didn't is when I paid out of hours/weekends.)

    OP: if you are only a few quid short, can you use the card to get a cash advance on the card? Pay the cash into the current account then pay the card.... Yep you'll have a cash advance fee plus interest. But future payments will be paid against this first, so interest will soon stop running. Small beer compared with losing the deal.
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