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help please credit report


My dad has good credit and got resufed a halifax credit card he currnently has one with the coop but wanted tot change. He and my mam live together no mortage and she had bad debt the only finalcial link they have is a joint saving account. My dad is going to send away for his credit report my mam is crapping her self it will show her debt on my dads credit file, but surely this is private. I have heard different stories, is it ture when my dad received his credit report it will only show his debt and just name my mam as a financial link and not list her debts.

She is making her self ill.

Thanks so much



  • TixyTixy Forumite
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    His credit file will not show any details of debts in her name alone.

    But she is shown as a financial associate on his file (e.g if they've had a joint mortgage in the past or joint credit in the past), then any potential lender for him may take her file in to consideration when making a lending decision.

    If she is shown as a financial associate due to previous joint credit then he/she can file a notice of disassociation with each of the 3 credit reference agencies.
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  • Thanks very much, sorry but just so I am clear, if my dad gets his credit file my mam will only show as a financial associate as they have a joint bank account and will only show details of that joint bank account But all her credit card and mobile phone debt will NOT show on his file?

    Only his debt will show up on his file and only her debt on her file?

    thanks a bunch, really appreciate it:)
  • cats2012cats2012 Forumite
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    Just to clarify - are you saying your Dad doesn't know about your Mum's debt??
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  • Yes that is correct my dad know nothing about her debts
  • Thanks so much for reply I really appreciate this.
  • DCFC79DCFC79 Forumite
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    Maybe its time you sat them down and were open about it.
  • Hello!

    To answer the question your Mam's debts should NOT show up on your Dad's file. That would be a massive breach of confidentiality!

    Hope this stops her worrying but agree transparency is a good idea :D:D:D

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