hi, i was wondering if someone could give me some advice about my barclaycard, ive had my card for about 5-6 years and ive maxed it out :( while im paying the minimum payment the bill is not going down quite the opposite its going up!! ive rung barclaycard to ask for there help to see if they could cap the intrerest the said 'no' but then said ring back in 48 hours so there department to find a way to help me?? i was going to cancel the direct debit but as im with barclays bank think they will just take the money any help/advice would be much appriciated thanks:)


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    What do you mean re cancelling the direct debit? Are you saying that you can no longer afford even the minimum payment?

    In which case, you need to talk to them about an arrangement or payment plan. But don't just stop paying. An arrangement will look a little better on your credit file than a default.
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    hi, i can afford the minimum payment i even told barclaycard to up it to £30 a month but with interest rates and im being charged an extra £12 a month for going over my credit limit, the bill is not going down it keeps going up! I have to ring barclaycard in 48 hours as someone will look at my details and see if they can come to some arrangement!! dont know why he couldnt do it on the phone there and then lol,i have a friend who says to tell barclaycard to transfer it to a debt collector then there would be no interest fees on top...but im not sure
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    It'll only go to a debt collector once you've missed several payments and trashed your credit rating. Don't listen to your friend.

    Why is the balance increasing? New purchases? PPI? Or an old minimum payment calculation?

    First things first, you definitely need to get back under your credit limit.
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    i dont know dont know why its increasing ive been paying minimum payment for about 3 years and no i havent had ny new purchases ive cut the card lol, and as for PPI im not sure if ive got it or not?? this is why i was asking for advice to make sure barclaycard was doing things right as my accounts not coming down! i know i need to get under my credit limit but its not for the last 3-4 years! minimum payment is not enough for intreast rates and the extra £12 on top!
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    You'd need to pay the minimum payment plus each £12 charge to reduce the balance.
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    First - Have a look at your statement, that will show if there are any PPI related debits to your account. If you are not spending anything then all you should see (given the info you've placed above) will be interest and the Over limit fee. If you have PPI check to see if you were mis-sold and are eligible for a refund.

    In your conversation with them, try and get the overlimt fee waived for a few months, this might help you get it under limit, at least that will be £12 less going on the debt.

    If you have been struggling, then this may not be a goer, but ask for a limit increase, only to bring yourself back under limit, then reduce it later.

    If you want to go on an arrangement with them, they might suppress interest, like your friend suggested just not with a debt collection agency. This might however show as impaired on your credit file.

    Final thought, if they and the fees are unreasonable given your circumstances there is always the Financial Ombudsman Service.

    Good Luck
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