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Don't be afraid to haggle!!

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Debt-Free Wannabe
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  • tsharptsharp Forumite
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    I'd love to know how to haggle with car salesmen. I always get some money off, but always come away feeling like i'm the one who got the worse deal. It's the old 'start high and pretend to concede' routine that I'm always worried about when dealing with these scumbags.
    "I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something."
  • Hi - I need to buy a new washing machine (I've been putting it off for a few weeks now). Do you know if you stand a better chance of getting money off/freebies if you say it's a cash sale (and does using a debit card count as a cash sale?)

    Sorry if it sounds a stupid question but years ago you only stood a chance of getting money off if you were paying in cash and I didn't know if it was still the same now.
  • I haggle 9 times out of 10, on the basis that there's a decent markup on most goods from chain stores, so I don't see any reason why I shouldn't get some of it, especially if I'm paying cash & saving them the processing costs they'd normally incur from credit card transactions. I always price-check on the net first & print off the best price before I go to the shops, as it's a good bargaing tool & helps the staff believe me when I say I'll take my business elsewhere - if you say you're going to do that, you have to be prepared to follow through on that, but I always stay polite. I've had free furniture that started off reduced, was then reduced more when I haggled & then ended up free when it was faulty & they decided not to charge for the replacement. I've also got a lovely stainless steel fridge freezer that I paid £19.99 (the delivery charge), because the first one was faulty & the next supposedly new one had been used by a previous customer. :D

    My friends won't haggle, yet they'll complain about how much things cost. :rolleyes: I've never been shy about coming forward - if I don't get actual money off the price, I'll look for what accessories can be thrown in the deal. Few salespeople (especially those on commission) will be willing to lose a £200 order because they won't give some free blank dvds or scart leads. Apart from the free stuff, the best discount I've had is 10% off in addition to the already discounted sale price. The worst someone can say to you is no. :)
  • I find haggling is best when the shop seems quiet. If you're making a big purchase and they've had a slow day they'll be very happy to help as it'll boost their figures for the day. The sales assistants also have more time to help you (and haggle) if it's quiet and they're not run off their feet trying to serve customers. Monday afternoons used to be the best bet where I worked. It does also sometimes help if it's near the end of the monthly target period but it's hard to know when this is as not every shop uses what would seem sensible and go from the start of the month to the end. One shop I worked in used to have their monthly target end about a week before the end of the month.
  • Hi - I need to buy a new washing machine (I've been putting it off for a few weeks now). Do you know if you stand a better chance of getting money off/freebies if you say it's a cash sale (and does using a debit card count as a cash sale?)

    Sorry if it sounds a stupid question but years ago you only stood a chance of getting money off if you were paying in cash and I didn't know if it was still the same now.

    I used this line the last time I went to Curry's to buy a tumble dryer. The salesman shrugged his shoulders and said he got his commission whether it was cash or on a credit agreement. I was on my own and felt a bit deflated but continued with filling in the info on their computer and then he said it was going to be £10 to deliver it to my house - he refused to waive the delivery fee so I just left the shop. He chased after me but I totally let myself down and told him to rammit - not my best moment - but it makes me laugh now! (eventually got the tumble dryer for 25.00 cheaper somewhere else and free delivery as well)
  • I always haggle when there's an opportunity (i.e. not in Tescos or the Post Office :) )

    The mindset I use is:
    a) the price is just a starting price - some prices are more flexible than others and there is only one way to find out - ask
    b) look for combinations; usually this involves getting accessories for free/reduced.
    c) reward good behaviour - go back to shops where you've been given good deals and recommend them to friends. We regularly haggle £'s off at our local florists as 'they know us'. Also punish bad behaviour :)

    Hotels are my favourite haggle - they pretty much always fold.

    Also, I find complaining (genuine complaints though) is a good opportunity for some extra haggling - I've had a good few upgraded nights based on that :)

    When will I get 3 stars?
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  • Margaret54Margaret54 Forumite
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    Hi i am going to be brave and haggle the next time my hubby and i are shopping for a bigger item. I am encouraged by all your stories and i am very impressed about the one getting the free nights at the hotel and reduction on the t.v Brilliant. Well done
    Do a little kindness every day.;)
  • climbgirlclimbgirl Forumite
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    JimmyLove wrote: »
    I intend to buy a guitar at the weekend...(electric/acoustic.) I know the one I want and to be honest Im prepared to pay the £140 price as I think its a pretty good deal for the guitar im after...ive seen them up to about £200 elsewhere. This guitar in the shop isnt in a sale or anything so how do i ask for a discount? what if he says no? what else can I ask for? any tips greatefully received.

    you can ask things like is there a discount if you pay in cash? will they throw in a set of strings as well? if you're prepared to pay for the guitar at that price, by all means do it - it sounds like you've researched it and it's a good deal. but there's still no harm in asking, they can only say no!
  • Kaz2904Kaz2904 Forumite
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    Mortgage-free Glee!
    We redid our kitchen in december and needed a new washing machine, fridge, tumble drier and dishwasher. I went in to get the stuff and they didn't have the dishwasher I was after so I ended up getting a different (more expensive) one. I had worked it out online that I could have got £80 off the total price but when I asked the bloke he would only give £75 off. I decided to just go with it but when I looked at the receipt he had split the discount into 2 and marked it against 2 items. The 2 non discounted items were cheaper elsewhere (same overall group, different shop name), had cashback and had the same delivery time available. Shamefully, I phoned up and cancelled the non-discounted items and ordered them online. Total saving of £140 and they were both delivered on the same lorry!
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  • matt1987matt1987 Forumite
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    Has anybody haggled in an Empire direct store? Im looking to buy a Television from there tomorrow, and the television is £379. Thing is, i dont really want to pay £379, as i can wait for a tv so im not that bothered, but just thought it would be worth a try?
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