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    i haggled at a car dealers at the weekend my husband sat there quietly thinking enough was enough when i pushed the deal even further. got a new gear gator and knob put in it 6 months tax the car i wanted reduced from £4669 to £4500 and them to offer me 1700 for my old one rather than 1200. when we went to pick it up on monday they tried to charge us the full amount for everything so stood my ground and said i wasnt signing anything till they put it to the deal i set also upset the manager by telling him under law he wasnt allowed to charge me for something i hadnt asked for.

    eventually got my deal just couldnt get rid of the warrenty they told us would be free but still very happy especially as breaks and exhaust had gone on my old car and it was blowing out blue smoke.

    anyone want me to come car shopping with them? lol
    back to comping in 2017, fingers crossed :beer:
  • chevalier
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    I guess the thing is to do research and plan
    Research so you know what the ball park figure is, and also which shops are doing, we will match the price deals
    Plan because you have to have in mind what you will pay, or what freebies you want.
    And finally I suppose the main thing is you have to REALLY mean it when you say ok thanks and start to walk off.
    Does anyone know if haggling is more effective at the end of the month, when they are trying to meet targets?
    I want a job that is less than an hour driving away from my house! Are you listening universe?
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    Not sure if this is the right thread, but had to boast about my OH who finally seems to be getting into the MSE way of shopping.
    He went to Superdrug to get some blades for the free razor I'd got him. He decided to go for the large packet, but when he got to the counter was told they were out of stock, but that he could have two small packets. Without missing a beat he said
    " Well, as long as I can have them for the same proce as the packet I wanted"
    and they went with it! Would never have thought that Superdrug would discount!
  • misfire
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    I am really bad at haggling ................I am getting better....... I am on our school PTA so we have been trying to blag stuff for that..... good practice!!!

    BUT although i am a bit rubbish at haggling - i am fantastic at finding the item i want at the cheapest possible price. I do this by using all the comparison sites and posting on here or on the parenting forum i use. Also i try and not buy on impulse - or under time pressure which gives me more chance to make sure i am getting the best deal.

    My washing machine (paid for by my mum!) i got over £100 cheaper by buying it from the co-op. I wanted a bosch that was only available in john lewis (recommended by which?) but they were out of stock the john lewis guy suggested the model i bought - - the guy spent 10 mins explaining all the bits and bobs on it...told the sales man i had to ask my husband first!!! lol !!! lol!!! and then got on the net and found it over £100 cheaper at co-op! :rotfl: :T :T :rotfl:
    Debt free May 2016 (without the support of MSE forum users that would never have been possible - thank you all)
  • crazy_guy
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    I don't tend to go for the drawn out process of saying oooo go on lower it a bit more..... i think to myself, whats the price that i want and i go for it.

    I ask if the price can be lowered..... then if its still more than the price i want, i go i want it for £xxx and then I either get it or walk out - simple but effective!
  • nesssie1702
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    My husband's the haggler in our house. He does it automatically and says that the worst thing that can happen is someone says "no"

    He got nearly £200 off a load of DIY stuff that we bought from Wickes last week. Before that, he persuaded Vision Express to give a 10% discount on two pairs of specs that I was buying....

    If you don't ask, you don't get!
  • jordylass
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    I needed 14 x 3 litres of veg oil and went into Tesco to get it I was very surprised to see that the 3 litre bottle worked out at 11p more than buying 3 separate litre bottles. Even more surprising was my OH suggesting I ask for a reduction. I went to CS who said it had to sell at the price it was displayed so I asked to speak to the manager he reduced it immediately so it was the same price as the litre bottles and I was happy with that. The next Tesco was having none of it, but when I went back yesterday I see that 3 litres is now the equivalent price at 1.75

    I almost always haggle, and have done it more so since watching the apprentice episode when they were sent to buy 10 items and not allowed to pay the sticker price. It is always worth asking.
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    Hi All,

    This is my all time favorite Haggeling tip !

    If you are buying a large electrical item (TV, Fridge, Cooker, W/machine etc)
    the Sales person will almost always offer the extended warrenty (3yrs, 5yrs) which is where they make most of their comission (not on the product)

    This is your leverage! tell them you will take out the warrenty if they reduce the price of the product! :D (up to £200 sometimes)

    the good bit is that you have 14 days to cancel the extended warrenty ! but you have already agreed the price for the item !

    Hope this helps those that dont like bartering
    LBM - 20/05/07
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    Walking away is a great haggling trick, you've got to act like you're not really bothered if you don't get the item. My parents were looking at buying a PC and printer and all the bits and they got me to do their haggling for them. We asked for a lower price, free software and interest free payment period and the salespeople weren't really budging. So we walked off into the next shop and they actually chased us down the road and into the next shop to find us. The brilliant thing was we then had two different stores trying to offer us better deals, it was great!

    I travel a lot so I get a lot of haggling practice overseas in markets where it's expected. You have to do your homework and know what you're prepared to pay; be prepared to walk away if you have to; always be nice and polite; and finally, if you don't ask you don't get. The worst that can happen is that they'll say no!
  • I intend to buy a guitar at the weekend...(electric/acoustic.) I know the one I want and to be honest Im prepared to pay the £140 price as I think its a pretty good deal for the guitar im after...ive seen them up to about £200 elsewhere. This guitar in the shop isnt in a sale or anything so how do i ask for a discount? what if he says no? what else can I ask for? any tips greatefully received.
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