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I have 2 Credit cards, one from OPUS and one from HBOS.I have 6k of debt on HBOS and 2k of debt on OPUS. Their APRs r really high with OPUS just deciding to hike it up even when i paid on time!! Anyway, I have automatically received a credit limit increase from HBOS to 10.9k. They have also given me a Balance transfer offer of 0% interest for 9 months.I plan to to transfer 2k from OPUS to HBOS for the offer.Afterwards I am gonna do a Credit card shuffle to get more out of the 0% offer. what I do is transfer 2k back to OPUS and then transfer it back to HBOS.I know I am gonna pay 6% transfer rate, 3% for each transfer but the question is will I be getting the 0% offer for 9 months if I do this?


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    Have OPUS offered you anything ever? They didnt care less when I closed my ex Citi card.I would look at other card providers rather than owe OPUS anything.

    Try They are qute helpful in offering cards for bt purposes

    good luck
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    Thinking ahead..I have 2 cards ..M&S and Amex..which I was going to pay off but notice there are new cards offering very low BT fees(so will stooze) .I am considering Nationwide 'Select' and Lloyds .. any problems moving between these 4 cards?
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