MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Victor use his local pharmacist?

Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Should Victor use his local pharmacist?

Victor's a pensioner, who often needs over the counter medication. His local pharmacist is much more expensive than the supermarket he uses that's a few miles away. Yet there's been an article in the local paper saying it may close down due to lack of customers. Victor tends to go to the pharmacist and get advice when he's not well, and doesn't like the idea of it closing. However, it's pretty likely other locals with a bit more cash will start spending there to keep it open. Should Victor keep shopping at the supermarket or shift his business?


Enter the Money Moral Maze: Should Victor use his local pharmacist?

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  • Choccyholic
    Choccyholic Posts: 224 Forumite
    He should give the pharmacy his custom if he wants their advice. He doesn't have to buy all his pharmacitucals from there though.
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  • Tam_Lin
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    If he wants it to stay open to give him advice, then he ought to do what he can within the constraints of his budget to help support it.
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  • Drama_Queen
    Drama_Queen Posts: 57 Forumite
    My husband would go to the supermarket, because he's careful with money - and that's why he has thousands in the bank and I only just survive until payday. Victor should take a leaf from my hubby's book!
  • Alias_Omega
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    This is one of them things that is going on as we speak, i had this out with a butcher in grimsby who i went in to the shop to ask if he had any bones for the dog. We were not from that end of the town, but he sure did give us a lecture about shopping for our meat at asda, when he could apparently provide a better choice, and quality.

    We did not tell him that we dont really buy fresh meat apart from bacon, for which we rarely buy anyway. You could say the family is turning vegiterian (spelling.?).

    With all the large supermarkets moving into every little city / town, and with the expansion of the tesco extra stores, the little independant shop will be out priced by the firm who buys products in the millions, compared to the local shop owner who purchases stock in the 50-60's per month.

    Tbh, the pharmacist at the superstore would have probably worked in a local chemist in the past, therefore you probably would find they would be educated to the same level, just one may have more hands on experience than the other.

    My option would be to try the large supermarket pharmacist, see what they come up with. He does not have to buy, but can take the information. Chances are he probably shops there already, just a 2 min chat other the counter and you could save you a few 1p's.
  • By the time he gets to the supermarket he would have (presumably) had to have spent some money in actually getting there?

    If he gets there for free - i.e on the bus using a free bus pass - there is still cost to the enviroment in terms of carbon output to consider?

    If he walks - the only cost to him will be his time.

    On all of the above - using the local pharmacy wins - providing they stock what he needs.

    As an aside - I went to my local post office to buy car tax rather than sit indoors and conveniently buy it online - only to find they dont do car tax!

    So much for supporting my village post office.
  • siber
    siber Posts: 47 Forumite
    If he's getting specialist drugs on the NHS, it doesn't matter. Use the local pharmacy. If Victor's after generic non-prescription drugs, eg. Paracetamol, Asprin, etc, and really tight for cash, he should use the cheaper supermarket. If he normally buys branded drugs, he could continue to use the pharmacist, but buy generic drugs at the price of the brands in the supermarket, thus keeping his business with the pharmacist, but his budget within limits. Especially as the local pharmacist is likely to have more time to advise which generic and branded drugs are equivelent!
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  • jinky67
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    If Victor lives in Scotland he could sign up for the NHS minor ailment scheme, then he wouldn't have to pay anyway.:D :D:D
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  • sexyboy
    sexyboy Posts: 328 Forumite
    i make a point of always buying my loaf and milk in my local shop, even though i can buy them cheaper in the supermarket. i like my local shop i don't mind paying a premium to ensure its survival.

    the world will be a poorer place if supermarkets are allowed to dominate the landscape

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  • Victor should support his local Pharmacy as it offers him invaluable advice. What will Victor do when he is unable to drive to the supermarket in a few years time? Common quote "Use it or Lose it"
  • tallgirld
    tallgirld Posts: 484
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    The local pharmacist should drop his prices then he might get more punters!!!!
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