green deal free cavity wall insulation

in Wales
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We have been offered this by the mark group but are unhappy that they drill holes in rendering and we are concerned this could affect damp penetration- we would also have to make good the rendering.

Any thoughts? also they stated that the insulation would help with damp - how does that work?

thanks. :(


  • Hi there

    Have you had a Green Deal Assessment (not free) or would this be Energy Company Obligation (ECO) ( maybe free). Be aware if you are not happy with this installer you can use another one!

    As regards the render normally the intaller will drill a pattern of holes fill with insulation then fill holes with cerment . The one I worked for did there very best to match the colour of the render however I doubt if Mark Group will I have seen there work before. Look at your neigbours in the area and you can see the pattern (if not painted)

    The only thing I always pointed out that the render has the potential to crack but unlikely. The issue regarding damp if you suffer condensation it will often find the coldest spot first normally windows then corners of walls and perhaps ceilings therefore adding wall insulation will help in most cases( google dew point for technical detail).

    Be aware that if you suffer from any condensation now its likely due to issues relating to how you live ie. cooking, drying washing indoors, showers baths etc.

    Hope it helps
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