Comparing Fixed Rate Savings Products - 2 years

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I Just wanted to start threads specifically for fixed rate savings products, and to have different treads for different terms [if that makes comparisons - and finding information easier?]

Today's offering is from Nationwide (available from tomorrow) and open to savings account/mortgage customers of at least 3 years standing

Provider: Nationwide Building Society

Term: 2 years
Fixed Rate:  6.00% Gross AER
Monthly Option: 5.80% Gross AER
Availability: Limiited (probably about 3 weeks from past experience)
Invesment Limits 0-£5,000 (single), 0-£10,000 (joint)
Notice/Closure: 90 days notice (or loss of interest) required

Link: here

Please add your comments and post other 2 year fixed rate products when you spot them below [Also it helps if you edit your own reply saying when - for instance - an offer has ended]


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  • laminkilaminki Forumite
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    good luck.
    I suspect that the 3 threads will be pulled apart by people posting at different times.
    good idea though.
  • Good initiative but agree that Nationwide do tend to pull their offers very quickly I have been a member for several years. I seem to keep missing these offers as they are advertised in store. I do sometimes see them in the national press. However, when I missed the last one I sent them an email asking why they could not inform members by, say, putting the information on their website I was told that it was too complicated!


    I am NOT a mortgage & insurance adviser - or anything to do with finance, that was put on by the new system I dont know why?!
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    Seems a very good rate even though I would be sceptical about tying up to fixed deals at the moment with more rate rises imminent.
    Val :)
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    The good point about this product is its 90 days notice option. This can become a 'one year' bond simply by giving notice after 9 months - you aren't locked in for the term provided you think ahead (like any self-respecting Moneysaver!).
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  • Good point Milarky. A very good rate by Nationwide but it will be interesting to see what new 2 year bond rates become available after today's expected rate rise. I would expect some > 6% for £5000 investement. A good time to be in cash.
    Val :)
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    Nationwide's new* 2 year fixed bonds, paying 5.40% , announced here [unlike the Summer Bond, this is generally available to all customers] :)

    *replaces previous 2yr rate of 5.20%
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    I went into Nationwide this morning - the Summer Bond offer closed yesterday. :(

    Their website now offers a 3yr bond at 5.5% interest. Considering you can get 5.5% for a year from Cahoot, I'm disappointed that Nationwide didn't introduce a rate that would beat it (even if it was a bond as opposed to an instant access account).
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