best card for earning virgin airmiles ?

i have a tesco clubcard credit card at the moment and i am going to transfer my vouchers into virgin airmiles under the lastest offer of 50% more miles for the vouchers ,what i want to know is would i get more miles staying with the tesco card and opt in to transfer my vouchers to virgin from now on or get the virgin credit card which adds miles everytime you use it, the virgin card i am thinking about is the Virgin Atlantic White Credit Card Account ,
we spend about £800/£1000 per month & i wondered if anyone knows which would say over the course of a year give me the most miles ??


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    It's probably worth you having a look at as the guys there will be able to advise you.
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    Well Virgin white card has 1 mile per £ on the Amex, and 0.5 miles per £ on the visa.

    Tesco gives 2.5 miles per £4, which goes up to 3.75 with the transfer bonus.

    The white card also has a signup offer.

    If you spend £10000 a year, the black card may be a better deal as you get double miles for £140 annual fee, and you get the companion voucher (white card needs £15000 spend to get it).

    Virgin miles are worth around 0.75p, so the black card is not worth it if you won't use the vouchers and upgrades.
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