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"Fair wear and tear" in the bathroom.

Im planning to soon move out of the flat ive been renting for the last four years (2005 build) when my house purchase finally goes through - but im slowly starting the cleanup operation in advance to ensure theres no reason for any deposit to be witheld.

The question i have is regarding the silicon seals around the shower cubicle - over the last four years despite my best efforts have started to get mould embedded in them and the grout around the tiles is starting to discolour.
Now from what ive read on these boards.. once its in the silicon its futile to fix it without removing and resealing - do you think this will count against me and cause issues when i leave? - given the whole flat is now 8 years old - what is the expected lifespan of these kind of fixtures and fittings.

When i obtained the original check-in report - it was noted "bathroom seals grubby" - so if the worst comes to the worst i will call on this to say the issue had already begun and its progression could only be slowed from then on.

Also, a couple of the tiles on the floor in the bathroom have cracked - however at least one was already cracked when i moved in, this is clearly due to the cement crumbling away around and under.. again do i have any recourse if they try to retain part of my deposit because of this?

Apart from the above issues - the flat is going to be left in a better state than it was then i moved in.

Thanks :)


  • Own_My_Own
    Own_My_Own Posts: 6,098
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    We get mould in one corner of our bath seal. I put bleach on it over night. It always goes back to white.

    You can just pour it on, or put it on cotton wool then leave this on the marks.
  • armour
    armour Posts: 311 Forumite
    Why don't you ask the same question to the landlord? (not the agent)
    As a landlord myself, I'd appreciate the "heads up" so as to be able to organise minor repairs in a timely manner.
  • lauraland
    lauraland Posts: 1,677 Forumite
    Try dettol mould and mildrew remover, about £3 from a supermarket, it works wonders at removing mould from grout with minimal effort. A workmate recommended it to me and my bathroom tiles look absolutely brand new, no scrubbing needed :)

    Not sure about the floor tiles but if it was noted that cracks were there when you moved in I would imagine it would be easy to prove that it was a pre-exisiting issue.

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  • NeoVR2k6
    NeoVR2k6 Posts: 102 Forumite
    armour wrote: »
    Why don't you ask the same question to the landlord? (not the agent)
    As a landlord myself, I'd appreciate the "heads up" so as to be able to organise minor repairs in a timely manner.

    I would happily do this - however all i know is the landlords surname - in the time ive been here ive only delt with the letting agency and even since moving in thats only been once middle of last year when they wanted to do a periodic inspection, When the well-dressed young lad came round - i did point everything out and he took pictures.
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