Is it OK to use a 2for1 voucher on a first date?



  • I don't know if I'm biased towards frugality because I'm a student, but I voted very enthusiastically for the "HE'S A KEEPER" option!

    Being financially smart is a rare quality and it's very promising for the long term. On a cheekier note, saving a tenner now means he's got more money if he wants to buy me something else later!

    On our first date my boyfriend took me to a restaurant that I knew he couldn't afford; he paid full whack for the both of us anyway. It broke my little heart that he thought I had to be impressed financially to take our relationship any further. If the amount that some guy paid for my meal were somehow connected to my own self-worth, I would be worried.

    More recently, we've been using vouchers that allow us to go to nicer places than we normally would – we're spending the same amount but 'upgrading' if you like, and I think it shows that we care about each other simply because we're looking out for each other in an area that we both struggle with.

    That's the kind of thoughtfulness that encouraged me to vote the way I did!
  • Bob should pay the bill away from Sarah. It's tacky to flash money around, and vouchers are as good as money.
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  • I wouldn't have a problem with someone using a voucher on a first date. It may well mean that you could be going to a classier restaurant than could otherwise have been afforded. In this day and age why would anyone expect to be paid for on a date first or otherwise?

    To the person who said it would look as if they were not worth it, just bear in mind that the askee plucked up the courage to offer a date, offered to pay and made the restaurant booking. What more could they do to make you feel worth it?
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    I'd be happy for them to use the voucher. I'd think good on them for a)seeking out a bargain and b)making it cheaper for me (obv we'd go 50/50)
  • I'd be most pleased with the money saving voucher scenario, but I would not be impressed by the man paying for me. Gender equality works both ways - the bill should be split, or the female pay it all next time.
  • Haha. This is exactly what I did on my first date with my wife.
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    I went on a date with a guy, when the bill came he pulled out a voucher and looked a bit sheepish. I said I would have done exactly the same thing and told him not to worry about it.
    Depends if you are looking for someone who is going to splash the cash because they can. If a restaurant is willing to give away vouchers why not take advantage of them?
  • I'd be happy for them to use the voucher. I'd think good on them for a)seeking out a bargain and b)making it cheaper for me (obv we'd go 50/50)

    Brilliant! Fancy a date then love?
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    I think I'd be more bothered that I'd been taken somewhere that a 2 for 1 voucher could be used lol!

    I love my coupons / vouchers etc but every now and then ( especially a first date !) I like to be spoilt!
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  • I had this conversation with my mom a while ago after hearing on the radio about someone who used a voucher on a first date and they were asking people their opinions.

    I do think it depends on the situation - if we were somewhere affordable eg pub meal/pizza express i wouldn't be impressed but if it were a more high end restaurant that we normally wouldnt be able to afford then i would be fine with it. I would use vouchers with my friends so why not!
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