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Join the Cheap Energy Club?

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kevinshomekevinshome Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Energy
A good idea, but!
What and how does it deal with dealing with certain energy companies (FIRST UTILITY for one) that continue to charge your direct debit the monthly fee after you have moved onto the new supplier! They also continue to ignore you even after numerous letters and phone calls. I was not an isolated incident, as there are a lot of people suffering with this company. I eventually got my refund, but only after much pursuit. I never received a final reading/bill even though I had requested it verbally and several times in writing, they just ignored me. So what happened to the part where the consumer does not have to get involved!!!
Reading the forum comments it seems that First Utility are not the only ones and other providers are doing the same, so maybe some one should be challenging them about conning people out of their money and delyaing giving it back assuming of course the consumer is aware and asks for it! Disgraceful and they are getting away with it!
Even if the energy company are offering a cheap deal does not guarantee good/reliable/professional service. So I would think a rating for the energy company should be included and those poor providers excluded from the club report even if their deal is cheaper. Also you should very seriously give thought before committing to the so called cheaper provider and check out the forum sites on who ever you think of going over to. Not just this forum site either.
The energy providers are boxing clever as well since the dubious involvement of the government. Those of you that are savvy will probably notice that they have now changed (increased) their admin/handling fees or what ever they are calling it to offset the so-called cheaper tariff rates. Bottom line is they will ensure they will protect their profit margin no matter how they dress it up! Keeping x-customers money and carrying on charging must be a big protitable bonus for them.
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