Personal injury claims - what a scam!

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Driving home from work last night some idiot decided to pullout of a lay-by and do a U turn right in front of my LandRover. He came off a lot worse fortunately.

I telephoned my insurance company and spent about 45 minutes on the phone. Most of that time was taken up with them trying to persuade me to make a claim for whiplash. I kept saying I was fine, my vehicle is big and solid and I hardly felt the jolt as I hit the other car, but he had me doing stretching and moving exercises and kept on and on about personal injury claims saying I could get £1,500 for a claim.

He has just called back again and gone through the same routine. He said that when he calls back most people now decide they do have aches and pains and want to claim. I can imagine that is because they have thought about it overnight and seen it is an easy way to make a grand or so.

What a scam. That is the reason everyone's insurance premiums rise every year. They will apparently phone back several more times just to check and I am sure that a lot of people make a clain as they are hassled by these guys.

The daft thing is I feel that even though I am morally right in not making a claim I am the mug since the honest, law abiding folk seem to miss out these days and it is the scroungers, layabouts and dishonest who seem to win.:eek:


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    Not only this but if you arent careful then the accident repair centre the car goes to will probably also sell your details to ambulance chasers, if you have credit hire they will also push you to claim for compensation etc.

    With at least a few hundred and up to a grand or so on offer lots will be keen to try and get the referral fees
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    I am starting to get really annoyed now.

    Thinking about it, he has asked virtually no questions about the crash apart from a basic description. I remember years ago when my OH was involved in a crash he was asked loads of questions and had to say exactly where he had been and where he was going. I have had none of that. Just personal injury claims stuff.

    Also I have yet to hear from the firm who are supposed to be contacting me about the repair of the vehicle or from the firm to give me a courtesy car while it is in the garage. Useless!
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    It's because the insurers get a kick back payment from the solicitors they hand you over to to handle the personal injury claim.

    When I was in my accident, I went through all that, telling them I was fine and didn't want to claim. Then 3 days afterwards couldn't get out of bed my shoulder and back hurt so much, and had to take a few days off work. I felt super guilty ringing back and saying I did actually have an injury, but I really couldn't afford to lose the pay for the days off work and buy a new car after they had written mine off :(
  • The conversation you have had sounds very much like one I have heard a law firm operating (who take claims notification calls on behalf of insurers and brokers)

    Were their initials M L by any chance?
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    No, the insurance co. is Lloyds TSB but it is some firm of solicitors who you phone after an accident.
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    When I phoned up to inform my Insurance company of a no fault accident. I was contacted within 3 minutes by a claims company offereing to work for me to make PI claims.

    I wasnt even in the car. It was my own insurance company who had informed them as I found out later that the person who had scraped my car hadnt informed their company until abut 3 hours later.
    I was still being contacted 12 months later offering to help my personal injury claim.

    I agree entirely with you OP
    make the most of it, we are only here for the weekend.
    and we will never, ever return.
  • vet8 wrote: »
    No, the insurance co. is Lloyds TSB but it is some firm of solicitors who you phone after an accident.

    What is the name of the firm of solicitors?
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    I'm still getting calls every few weeks from ambulance chasers telling me I have to claim for my injuries from an accident 13 months ago. Only thing is the car was parked outside my house and I was in my bed asleep when my neighbour hit it.

    It's high time these shyster companies were shut down.
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    None of this answers why you want the op to post up on mse!
  • If you read my post, I advised I was merely interested to see if it was the same firm as I had encountered.

    See the penultimate para in my post above!
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