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MSE News: Car insurance costs down but younger women pay more

"Average car insurance prices fell towards the end of last year but young women saw their premiums rise, says the AA"
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  • jobdone1jobdone1 Forumite
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    Ok did a go compare comparison for myself and wife qoutes of £192 cheapest fully comp age mid thirty's. When i renewed last june it was £192 so no change their then.
  • I got my quote of £560 today (Male, 30+, tpf&t, 7NCD)

    I paid £530 last year.
  • mr_jrtmr_jrt Forumite
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    I got £214 3rd party 10 months (30/male/6ncd) in December (1st day of the new rules) to start in January (and took it), but I did a quick check last week and the same details now give me £280 from the same insurer. Go figure?
  • WywthWywth Forumite
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    My insurance is due early next month

    I had my renewal notice a couple of weeks back and it had gone up 50% since last year :eek:
    ... and they wondered why I called them to say do not auto-renew which is a service they offer for peace of mind :cool:

    Anyway, I've been following the advice on this site and hitting the comparison sites.

    What was interesting was that this year I found I could often get a lower price going direct to the insurer rather than through a comparison site (well those comparison sites have to earn their money somehow I suppose.)

    e.g. here were some of the results:

    Churchill (via £200 excess - £330.72
    Churchill (via £200 excess - £281.96
    Churchill (via their own website) £150 excess- £258.64

    Hastings Direct (via £195 excess - £255.24
    Hastings Direct (via Tesco Compare) £195 excess - £253.72
    Hastings Direct (via their own website) £195 excess - £245.36

    eSure (via GoCompare) £100 excess - £264.55
    eSure (via £200 excess - £252.84
    eSure (via £100 excess - £252.84
    eSure (via their own website) £150 excess - £226.02
  • I got my quote of £560 today (Male, 30+, tpf&t, 7NCD)

    I paid £530 last year.

    I'm assuming here you've checked the prices for fully comprehensive insurance? Strangely, it can often work out cheaper to have fully comp insurance than third party fire and theft only (that's the cover you've indicated in brackets).
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