Opinions needed please

Hi all just looking for a wee bit of advice. Me and the other half are going away in June for 5 days and can't decided what to do with our cat. We can't decide weather to put her into a cattery or let her stay at home.

At best we could get somebody to come over once a day to feed and check on her (she is an indoor cat so someone would need 2 clean her tray as well) She is a very cuddly cat though and I think she wouldn't like being alone for all that time. But would a cattery give her love and cuddles? I'm not sure how she is with other cats so I can't decide what is best for her. I just want her to be happy!


  • I've done both in the past with different cats.

    Relying on a friend or neighbour to visit once/twice a day can be hit & miss, but significantly cheaper (i.e. a bottle of something nice) rather than the cattery fees, but you risk missed visits and lesser quality of time spent.

    On the flip side ... I've also used a cattery in the past with a pair of cats, but I vetted the place upfront with a visit ... and they really love their cats and had a fantastic setup with a TV, a play area, plenty of toys, and lots of staff who loved to heap the attention on the cats.

    For an indoor cat that loves attention, I'd personally lean towards a "good" cattery, but it depends on the person you have in mind to visit, and the budget!
  • Cattery, no contest. My mum looked after the neighbours cat for two weeks when they were away. The cat was lonely and clingy to mum when she went round to feed it. Then it got ill so mum had the worry of getting it up to the vets, paying for it, the giving the medicine. Mum has only ever had dogs so she found this very difficult. Could you rely on your friend to do all these things?
  • For anything longer than 2-3 days I'd definitely say a cattery. When I had my cat, he used to love the cattery - he'd get spoilt rotten there, and the lady had him doing all sorts of tricks by the time I came to pick him up. He was never stressed, and never had any problems with any other cats, though they do get housed in their own pen. If its a short 1 or 2 nights away I always had a friend come over twice a day to check on him, give him fresh food water etc, but any longer and he'd have gotten antsy so I found the cattery best.
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  • Isn't much option of catterys where I live, just you can board them at the cat & dog home, and the cats area looks okay I guess, but the dogs is like a cell block.

    Anyhoo, last year I went away for 10 nights and my sister was meant to stay at mine to watch the cats but then she went and rehomed a dog and....long story, but my friend (now bf) came down everyday to feed them, change their water and clean the trays, he also used to sit and play with them for a little bit and he sent me photos everyday to prove to me they were fine :rotfl:

    I have 3 cats....they are all indoors, putting them to a cattery would just freak them out especially my male cat Archie, he's terrified of the doorbell, imagine what he would be like!!
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    It depends on your cat I think. Mine is an indoor cat and doesn't really like new places or people - she gets very stressed out. So I know she would hate a cattery and always arrange for someone to come in and feed her/check on her if we have to go away so she can stay in her own home. I suppose it's a question with yours of whether you think she'd be more upset with the strange place or the lack of attention/interaction for the time period.

    If you do think a cattery would be better then make sure you go round and have a look first, ask them about what they do with the cats, how much interaction they get, etc. Also, if you're going abroad or something in June then maybe worth doing a 'test run' and sending her overnight or something - so it won't be totally new for her and you can see how she reacts. Nothing worse then finding out she's stressed/upset being there in June but you're too far away to do anything about it.
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    I have never been fond of catteries to be honest, I prefered to keep my cat in it's own environment, even if it meant someone only coming over once a day.

    However, when I had my cat, my mum used to pop over twice a day and she would opened and closed the blinds aswell. She said most of the time she never saw my cat as she will have been asleep somewhere in the house.

    I have now got a rescue dog and don't want to put him in kennels in case he gets stressed out, so my cousin has said she will look after him in her home whilst I'm away.
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