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Do you clean your own windows?

If you do, what method do you use?
We have moved into a home with lots and lots and lots of windows and they drive me insane, trying to keep them clean.
I have tried the spray window cleaners, which seem to leave the windows smeary (when the sun shines on them) matter how much you try to buff them up.
I have also tried the vinegar in water with a squeegee thingy.
This seems to work the best..apart from the fact that it never removes all of the water, so you end up with tiny amounts of water globules drying in the corners and around the top and bottom, where the squeegee thingy won't fit into.
Any suggestions...apart from employing a window cleaner, as they are about as common as rocking horse these parts!!!
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  • tomsticklandtomstickland Forumite
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    Have you tried Autoglym car window polish? Put it on with a polish applicator pad (sort of sponge thing), let it dry and then buff with a polishing cloth. It works really well on car windows, rather like polishing metal.
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  • I found the best way to get sparkly windows was using water and vinegar and newspaper as recommended by one of those TV programmes.

    However, I soon gave it up as I'd rather have smeared windows than my house smelling of a chip shop :eek:

    Also found that my hands got all black from the newsprint and I got finger prints on my white UPVC :mad: which I've yet to find a way to remove. :(

    Now just use whatever spray is on offer and some kitchen roll.
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  • coolagarrycoolagarry Forumite
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    According to a recent 'which' magazine the Asda own brand glass cleaner was the best for cleaning windows and not leaving smears.
    Personally I use water containing a small amount of washing up liquid for washing the windows and then I dry them with a microfibre cloth from the Pound Shop squeezed out in a bucketful of clean soapfree water.
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  • bella123bella123 Forumite
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    ive got a chap who comes once a month,does them all inside and out for £8.50.
  • milkydrinkmilkydrink Forumite
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    bella123 wrote: »
    ive got a chap who comes once a month,does them all inside and out for £8.50.

    Damn!!!!!!! Inside & out for £8.50.

    I pay £15 for inside & out, if I wanted just outside its £7.50.

    Thing is I think unless you run around & clean EVERY window the same day as they do them its a waste unless both sides are done.

    I think living in Surrey you pay top whack for EVERYTHING. People in Surrey are poor because we have such a high cost of living:mad:
  • PoppycatPoppycat Forumite
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    I pay £5 for just upstairs windows, thats two double front, one double at side, one small at side, two double at back. I would do them myself but tried the long thing on a extended pole at Argos and it was rubbish it kept slipping down, I ended up breaking the damn thing didnt even get one window clean. Funny thing is £15 at Argos and there £7 in local hardware store, for same thing.

    Window cleaner uses a rod and distilled water, he did leave streaks so I wasnt entirely happy with service, I give it next time and if it doesn't work I get someone else.

    I clean downstairs lots of windows, with a cheap spray with water, white vinegar, tiny bit of washing up liquid and microfibre and it works fine.
  • cattiecattie Forumite
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    I use a wash leather on the windows first, then a scrim, which is what a lot of professional window cleaners use. They give a good smear free result. It looks like a very finely woven sacking type of material, but not coarse or heavy like sacking.

    Finding a scrim can be a bit difficult, but you can get them from places that supply cleaning firms with materials & equipment.
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