How do I dispose of old paint?

The council will only take paint tins if they are completely dried out. I've had a shed clear out and I've got loads of tins that are half full at least and loads of tester pots and spray paint tins. Some have been there for years and the tins are rusty.

No one will take them. How do I get rid of them?


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    You can recycle paint through community schemes called 'Community Re-paint' - you should be able to find details on the council recycling webpages. I know there is one in Harlow but not sure where else in the country. They will take paint less than 10 years old, tins that are not less than half full and they must be the original pots (
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    Take them to your council tip......?????
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    Thanks but I've already tried the recycle route via a council contact. They will take 2 of the tins but the rest are less than they would accept or older/rusty/half dried etc.

    Council tip wont take unless completely dried out with no lid on.

    I understand why people dump stuff since it's so hard to get rid off, lol. (Don't worry, I wouldn't do that.)
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    Just bung it in the 'non recycled' skip at your tip.
    Put it in black bin bags before you take it if you think they are going to get funny about it
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    is any of it freecycle-able?
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    Take the lid off, leave them somewhere out of the way for a week or so (protected against rain, pets & children) when the've dried out take them down the tip
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    Grrrrr it makes me sooooo mad that different councils have different policies - here in Derby they have a fab tip that allows you to dump almost anything in designated areas of the tip, inc as much paint as ness, but obviously the OP's council are total t0ssers who would rather risk people fly-tipping it than letting them deal with it effectively. :mad:

    They all harp on about the environment and recycling etc then don't provide facilities to deal with things - no wonder people resort to dumping it - what else can they do?

    As another example of bureaucratic nonsense we have (as well as blue and black), a brown bin, for cardboard, garden waste, kitchen waste etc, but my nan who lives just a few miles away in DerbySHIRE also has a brown bin but it is only for garden waste, they are not allowed to put the other stuff in! :confused: The bl00dy stuff all ends up in the same recycling plant too! Insane!

    I'm afraid I tend to agree with Mervyn11 - if it aint freecycleable or there's not another useful option then shove it in black bags and hope for the best - what else can you do?

    Right, I'll get off me soapbox now! :D
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    make a nice little bonfire (after dark) and pour the paint over the wood, then strike a match.
    Get some gorm.
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    ormus wrote: »
    make a nice little bonfire (after dark) and pour the paint over the wood, then strike a match.

    Errrrr, then breath in the poisonous fumes?
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    I have seen paint advertised on freecycle
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