Anyone else been conned by AOL?

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    marleyboy wrote: »
    As far as I am aware, they scrapped the Gold service and replaced it with the silver.

    The Gold plan has been taken away for new offerings, on the basis that the 2mb speed Gold used to provide, is now being provided on the Silver plan.
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    All modern ADSL modems have the ability to support ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+. the linksys one I bought two years ago supports up to 12mbps.

    You've either been mis-informed or AOL are using really old modems (wouldn't surprise me).

    It's a shame though, AOL seem to employ all their best people for the cancellations team. Great strategy that! :D However it's been a few years since I was with them so maybe, just maybe they've changed a teeny weeny bit.

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