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looking for some advice

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i'm just about to start a 77 plus hour working week and really not looking forward to it at all..we are in debt but slowly getting out of it (i do overtime)..was wondering though is it possible to claim working tax credit ? ok nit with the two jobs i do but if i dropped one i work 18 hours in one a week and 23.5 in the other a week (not including overtime) if i dropped one of my jobs could i get this benefit? does anyone know? and also as i am married to they take the husbands wage into considertion when i apply for this benefit? i ask this as i am exhausted i do generally work excessive hours and it really is starting to get to me ...i want to cut back and even if some tax credit didnt make up the full loss of one of my wages even if it made up a bit i could cut back and manage on the one wage ...please if anyone can help i would appreciate it ...thanks


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