AAAAHHHHH Bloody City Link

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    The shocking thing with that Ebuyer thread is that it is over 6 months old and nothing seems to be changing.

    What is the point of making that thread a not listening to your customers. :confused:
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    RedOnRed wrote: »
    I've used City Link countless times both work wise and domestically, along with just about every courier around and have always found City Link to be by far the best.

    In a like-for-like purchase I would actually go out of my way to buy something if I knew CL were the ones delivering rather then another courier.

    I suppose it all boils down to how your local depot performs.

    its because your local citylink is one of the best in the country - they own 5 or 6 depots around you, i worked there for years and they did not accept a second rate service by their staff - its mainly the head office owned ones that are just soooooooooooo useless, believe me - we were as frustrated as you with the sheer imcompetance of some branches, particularly as its not rocket science is it!! :rolleyes:
    :D I understand ALOT more than I care to let on :D
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    Chris123 wrote: »
    My 'local' depot is Exeter.

    I would take a look at this thread from ebuyer Forums

    I would also find out what their complaints rate are, how many of their deliveries are successful before taking any contract with City Links. What their policy is when they !!!! up.

    Consider where people can collect their deliveries from, some people have a very long drive to a City Link depot. With Parcelforce you can collect from you local Post Office if no one is home - Huge bonus for me.

    Also, I know people only complain when something goes wrong but also take a look at general Google search for City Link reviews.

    Wahey my "local" depot is Exeter too even though i live in Taunton so only a short 40 minute trip down the motorway.

    its their inflexibility that's the problem really. At least parcelforce will deliver to a post office and they will deliver to a work address. CityLink refuse point blank to deliver anywhere else unless the parcel is returned to the originator and then sent back out again.

    My favourite thing is when you ring then having taken a day's leave and its 5pm and the parcel hasn't arrived you get o sorry a parcel can arrive up to 6:30pm so we cant do anything. when you ring after 6:30pm you get a recorded message saying sorry we close at 6:30pm. fantastic.
  • Parecelfarce will deliver to a post office because.... strangely enough... they're part of Royal Mail.

    I missed a delivery from RM at 12pm and had a card pushed through telling me to wait at least 2 hours before collecting... on the reverse of the card it told me that the collection office was open to 12:30pm
  • Sorry to restart this thread but I have had been really !!!!!! of by City Link today.

    I have been tracking my package and last Thursday it states goods loaded on a Van (lot of bloody help) so I was suprised not to have recieved a card when I got home from I don't work Friday's I stayed in all day last week (luckily had another package coming from an efficient company) no packaged arrived. So I telephoned Monday to be told that they had tried to deliver on two occasions but nothing had been inputted on the computer about cards being left. I explained I was in all day on the Friday and no one had turned up. She said she would get them to deliver the next day... I explained that this was not possible as I was working and that Friday was the only suitable day... she went through that they couldn't keep the goods till then and I calmly stated as they didn't even attempt to deliver on Friday that they should do and it was agreed for delivery today.

    Anyway today comes no parcel at three so I telephoned to ask where it was...sods law while I am on the phone the van turns up so I apologise and say they are here... I wait for the guy to come to the door and after a couple of minutes he just starts his engine and drives off!! I ran out the door too late but did catch his number plate. I am absolutely fuming, I phone city link speak to a nice lady in customer services who tries the branch but gets no reply I asked her to phone me back and guess what doesn't.

    What a bunch of to$$ers. :mad: I previously had a problem with city-link my husband ordered a bulky item when I was 9mths pregnant I asked the driver if he minded putting it just inside the door and he said he wasn't allowed to lift anything.... he had only carried it about 20 metres down the path to our house!!

    I am planning my next move any suggestions?

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    Why, I hear you ask?!?

    Well, on thier online tracking service when I've had a delivery and no card left I've had the following door colours:-

    3 x Brown
    2 x White
    2 x Blue
    1 x Green

    And for the past 9 years I've owned the house it's been White!! They must manage to not only knock on the door so you can't hear them, but take off the door, replace with another, log the colour then put my white one back on. Just before posting the invisible card of course.

    Also, a 25% success rate at guessing Britains most popular door colour - Well done City Link!!
  • we had to try to find a babysitter, 2 days before christmas, so he could take me in person to the depot.

    Could you not have taken the baby with you?
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    I had a similar experience to the op.
    Ordered from ebuyer, tracked my parcel on line. City link claimed to have tried to deliver, I had been in all day and recieved no card.
    Rang and asked for redelivery and specified the day, even left a note on the door saying "DEAR CITY LINK DRIVER. I AM AT HOME. PLEASE KNOCK VERY LOUDLY UNTIL I ANSWER. THANKYOU"
    Response - nothing.
    Rang the depot to complain, only to be told it was due to be returned to the supplier, except it was actually still there in a box waiting to go. Very nice lady said she would get them to take it out of the returns box and hold it till the next day so I could collect it.
    Took me a long time to find the depot (Widnes, on a new industrial estate not marked on any map) only to find wasn't there.
    Was assured by the manager it was there he just couldn't find it.
    Got home to find and email from ebuyer refunding me for the returned item!
    Have complained strongly to ebuyer about their service but I'm sure it won't change anything.
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