Great Champagne 'highest Apr' Credit Card Hunt!



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    i also got a mailshot from vanquis-i promply wrote the words "this card is by far the worst product i have ever encountered and would not use this if i was desperate" on the application sheet and posted it back to them in the pre payed envolope before reminding them i am with the mps and would report them if they sent me anymore "crap" . funny- never heard from them again!
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    I just got my motorbike insurance renewal from Carole Nash. I can pay £20.69 or send a cheque for £7.25 and 3 postdated cheques for £14.48 each one month apart. Total £50.69.(this does include a £30 installment charge).
    Please check my maths,but I make that 34.8% pm or an apr of 3500.
  • ADAM001
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    thieving scumbags!!!!!
  • Can't find a credit card to beat Vanquis, but I did find a loan with an APR of 1734%!

    See and click on 'our charges' link at the top of the page.


    Money Man Steve
  • cashflow
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    Vanquis Card offer , at 49.9%, plus the £19 annual fee.
    I received my mailshot today. Initially I thought that Jeremy Beadle was about! What a dreadful offer - to think that there may be folk around who might have to use this card is worrying.
  • Stonk
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    Heh. I like the way the Payday Loan Company state "APR: 1734", without putting a percent sign after it. It doesn't look nearly as scary their way! It could almost be a reference code.

    Without wishing to defend them too much, I should echo something Martin said earlier, though. For small loans, most of the charge will be to cover fixed admin costs, rather than interest. At the risk of being controversial, I think a £20 fee for all the admin that goes with giving someone a loan is, well, "reasonable". These costs exist in all loans, it's just that when the loan amount is much higher you don't see such an effect in the APR figure.

    Lend your mate a quid, and he gives you back £1.01 tomorrow - that's 3678% APR ...

    Now, if you had 1734% on a loan of more money or over a longer period, that really would be a disgrace.
  • Although really is 25% of the loan amount, [£80 costs £100, £160 costs £200 etc] it seems the term is UP TO 28 days, so if your next payday was in 2 weeks, their APR would be double a delightful 3468% - just don't borrow any money for a week, OK?!
  • How about the Provident 'easy shop' card, with an APR of 152.3%? See ...They also do loans at 177% APR, if anyone is interested... NOT LIKELY!Money Man Steve
  • ---lee---
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    How about the Provident 'easy shop' card, with an APR of 152.3%? See ...They also do loans at 177% APR, if anyone is interested... NOT LIKELY!Money Man Steve

    More like a store card than a credit card I think - as you can only use it at Argos.

    Perhaps Martin can clarify the rules? if it qualifies, this would be unbeatable I guess - that is I hope :eek:, surely there can't be any worse than this.
  • MSE_Martin wrote: »
    OK not so much a what's best but what's worst hunt. What's the highest APR leaflet trying to flog you a credit card you've found. Vanquis is 49.9% but there are higher.

    Champagne rules. To get the champagne you must first post on here the APR for the UK card in question and you must have a leaflet that you can send in (but only if you're the winner, we'll ask you for it). I'll send you the bubbly. If more than one person says the same card, the first to post (who has a leaflet) will win.

    What if I don't have a leaflet? Please do still tell us what the highest you've seen is. However for obvious reasons i can't send you the champagne or everyone would just put 1,002,2033% interest

    I actually have the leaflet for provident pre load visa card. It quotes typical 177% apr (eg £300 Preloaded card 55 weekly payments of £9 )but in reality it is much worse as you start paying interest on the entire preload from the day your card request is accepted. Lets say you need a credit card to buy an item on the internet for £20 and you get this card to do it you will then be paying 740% apr.
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