Grrrr Virgin Media

To cut a long story short and after numerous calls to the disservice centre I am without TV due to their error. I initially went through to the retention department and got a good deal on my packages of BB/Tele/TV, i asked them to deduct an extra channel i was paying for as it was not required anymore. The upshot was they deleted most of my TV service, i am on the XL package so do get all the channels except sports and movies. I contacted them to inform them of their mistake and after speaking to just about everyone in the faults department over the course of a few days, they have sent no end of signals down the line to try and rectify the problem, i still have no TV at all. The only option is to send an engineer out. The engineer will not be able to visit till the 11/5/07, 2 weeks away!!!

When i pointed out they are already scheduled to come and install V+ on the 12/5/07 whereby they will remove the settop box and replace it with this new v+ thingy they did not seem bothered!!!

Been back on to customer retention and nothing they can do and agree it is ludicrous that i will be having 2 visits within 2 days, they have given me the month free for this inconvenince.

Now my dilemma is do i switch to freeview, i have no idea about this or how it is installed etc, find myself new telephone and broadband deals or stick it out with virgin. The service is atroscious and i have worked out that over a period of 41 hours i have spent over 6 hours trying to rectify this problem, most of it being on hold!

virgin are offering me 45/month for the v+/bb/tv/tele, not sure what compariable products are out there and would appreciate some advise

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