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I m currently a full time student (in the second year of my degree)...

Last summer I was looking for full time work, and was lucky enough to get 25 hours a week... I had thought when the job was described to me that I may be able to keep it on during term time however the job ended up being 5 week day shifts...

I have been looking for part time work but have had no responses at all (unemployment is massively high here - as I am sure it is everywhere), and employers I'm sure would prefer someone who could work any days...

I am hoping to get a full time position sorted for April time (this is when my university placement ends)... However if the worst happens am I able to claim any benefits over the summer period?

I am 29 - 30 soon, and I live in a two bed terrace (one bed flats seem to be more in rent)... I have heard rumors that students will have to start paying council tax (that alone will shaft me)...

I have just learned to drive and have just passed my test - however as I will be getting the train to my placement (based in Leeds city center) I can't afford a car... There is no way I'd choose to drive to Leeds and cannot afford train travel of 1k, and insurance of over 1k too - even though it would make me more employable...

How shafted am I going to be?

Many thanks for your help.

PS happy new year!!

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    Assuming you do not have children or a disability, there will be nothing you can claim until you formally complete your Uni studies. The grants etc are to cover you for 52 weeks (and are lower in the final year)
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    You need to think positive. Keep looking, keep applying, review your application forms/CVs if you never heard anything, don't hesitate to contact the HR department to ask for feedback etc...

    Meanwhile, try to save as much as possible now, so that if you are offered a job that will only pay you after you've worked there for 1-2 weeks, or even a month, you can pay for what is required until the time you are paid. If you can't save, try to talk to family members/friends, asking them if they would be prepared to help you financially for the first month and how you would repay them after pay day.

    In the end, you need to prepare your mindset to the working environment. It will be you who will need to adjust to the demand of the job, not the other way around. If you expect to find a job that will take into account your limitations, you are not going to get anywhere. You need to focus on reducing all your limitations. If you need to move, then so be it. It is all about preparation though. You have three months to do, so it's not too bad.
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    poo pants i'm stuffed... I thought the grants only covered 42 weeks or so...

    I'm not being picky applying for anything that I'm qualified for - even things i'm overqualified for - just had no responses. Not even 'no thanks'....

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    As you live alone in a two bed house, can't you get someone in to share?
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