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i sent my form in without medical report they recieved my claim form on 7th dec i was in a panic cos doc hasnt done my report yet and it wasnt in so i rung them to tell them it will be late. i asked them if my form had been sorted out he said yes from the evidence of my form i submitted and the evidence of the past medical reports last assessment with them was 2007 i dont need a face to face assessment and i dont need to send in medical report from docs they sent their info to esa on 28th dec so now its waiting game for me to find out what group i will be in. so after all the 9 assessments i have had with atos in 14 years they must of seen that i attended every single one they asked me to attend . good luck to the rest of you.


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    Hmmm.. I'm not sure you've received entirely sound direction. It is true that ATOS closing your file without ordering a face to face medical means they will be recommending you to qualify for WRAG or Support group. You can find out which by calling the DWP and asking for a copy of the ATOS report ESA85A. But I think you should send your supporting evidence (medical report) to the DWP ASAP... it's too late to send to ATOS now true enough... but to the DWP. Remember ATOS do not make a decision on your benefit entitlement.... only the DWP can do that.. there is a chance that the DWP Decision maker will disagree with the recommendations of ATOS... and furthermore there's a chance your evidence could be persuasive in determining which group you get into... if you want to get into support group and think you should be in it then do not delay in sending evidnce that supports a view you meet the criteria for it (a support group descriptor.. refer previous link given to you in your thread).

    It's important to note that you have never ever been assessed via the Work capability assessment of ESA before... this is a new test... new criteria. And as such you will get a new decision but it could take many weeks. I would strongly warn against complacency regarding ESA... when you are reassessed in future do not assume they'll get hold of old reports etc.. make sure you send in all relevant evidence you want them (and DWP) to consider.
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    yes i know its up to dwp to make the decision i have read the link you gave me and i cant self propell my wheelchair i cant do anything for myself my partner has to do everything for me think atos read my form and i would of passed their face to face assessment im sure if i was to go into work do you think they would employ someone to push me in my wheelchair take me to the loo feed me etc take me to the hospital once my shoulders come out of joint n wait 8 hours while they try to put them back in . just been on phone to esa and they will phone me to tell me the outcome i told her the same as i told the atos fella she said she thinks i wont be put on the wrag group but we will see im not too bothered either way she said my benefit wont be stopped
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